Who Does Selena Gomez Live With? ‘I’m a Very Communal Person,’ She Says

Selena Gomez was one of the most popular young stars of the late 2000s. After her big break on the Disney Channel, she’s been starring in movies and releasing music on a regular basis ever since. Over the years, Gomez has been quite candid about her personal life, whether it’s about her relationships or her lupus diagnosis. With that in mind, some have come to wonder who Selena Gomez lives with in her new home in Los Angeles. Let’s find out now.

Gomez was a star from an early age

Selena Gomez attends the Vax Live concert
Selena Gomez | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

Gomez got her start on the Barney & Friends TV show. As unglamorous as that might sound to some, according to her, it’s what taught her a lot of the fundamentals of filmmaking and acting. “I learned everything from Barney,” she told People in 2008.

After Barney, though, came Gomez’s big break on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. Gomez played Alex, one of the leads of the show, and managed to establish herself as a talented actress. From there, her Disney stardom took off, as she appeared in various movies and shows for the company. She also launched a pop career with the band Selena Gomez & the Scene.

Eventually, Gomez broke away from the clean cut Disney image, as most do, taking on more ambitious and adult projects in film and music. She continues acting and producing music, as well as tending to business ventures like her makeup line and advocating and working with charities like UNICEF.

Who does Gomez live with right now?

At present, Gomez is living in a large house near LA. She stays there with her two maternal grandparents, as well as a pair of friends named Liz Golden and Raquelle Stevens. While she certainly could live on her own like many stars, or with a significant other, Gomez made the choice to have these roommates. As she said in an interview with Elle, “I’m a very communal person. I find happiness when I’m with people I love.”

Her roommates are some of the closest people in her life


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It’s obvious that Gomez hasn’t made a home with just anyone off the street, especially since two of her roommates are biologically related to her. The two in question are her grandparents from her mother’s side of the family, David and Debbie Cornett. Not too much is known about them beyond that, as they seem to be fairly private people. Don’t get them confused with her paternal grandparents who helped to raise her early in life, either, though she is also fairly close to them.

As for Golden and Stevens, they’ve been two of Gomez’s closest friends for years. Outside of Instagram posts, many likely know them from their appearances on the HBO Max series Selena + Chef — probably from the episode with Chef Antonia Lofaso when they nearly started a fire. Beyond that, Stevens runs the podcast Giving Back Generation, on which Gomez has appeared. Golden, on the other hand, is a musician in her own right, having released two songs so far. There’s no news on a collab with Gomez just yet, though we wouldn’t be surprised.

While the COVID-19 pandemic could never be described as a fun experience, Gomez has said that one of the unexpected upsides of staying home all the time was growing even closer to the people she lives with. She’s called them a “blessing” on more than one occasion, crediting her family and friends — as well as her therapist — with helping her to deal with the stress of the pandemic and her health problems while social distancing.