Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelorette’ Week 4? Clare Crawley’s Journey Took an Incredible Turn

The Bachelorette Season 16 is only four episodes deep, but Clare Crawley’s journey has turned into the most romantic yet. After the first three episodes, everyone knew Dale Moss was Crawley’s frontrunner. So where does this leave the other contestants moving forward? Here’s what happened in The Bachelorette Week 4, including who went home on Thursday, Nov. 5.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 4.]

‘The Bachelorette’ Week 4 kicks off Clare Crawley’s final pick

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on 'The Bachelorette' Season 16 Episode 4
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

At the start of The Bachelorette Week 4, Crawley’s cast discussed what happened at the last group date. The lead didn’t give out a rose, and the suitors expressed their frustration. So in the end, host Chris Harrison spoke with Crawley about the future of the show. 

Harrison pointed out the men were confused with the lead. Crawley acknowledged she had a great group of men. However, she was “head over heels” for Moss. Crawley also admitted she looked at her frontrunner’s social media account and instantly felt a connection. That said, she denied speaking with Moss before filming.

Regardless, Crawley knew Moss was her perfect match. So she wanted to tell him how she felt — and hopefully, he felt the same way, too.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss get engaged during ‘The Bachelorette’ Week 4

As The Bachelorette Week 4 progressed, Harrison told the remaining men there would be no rose ceremony or cocktail party. Meanwhile, Crawley and Moss had a romantic one-on-one. They had dinner together as Bri and Chris from The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart sang in the background. 

Finally, Crawley shared her true feelings. She was falling in love with Moss — and he reciprocated. So the couple continued their overnight date. Then the next morning, things started moving fast. Harrison got Neil Lane on the line for Crawley’s engagement ring. That said, Crawley was still worried about pressuring Moss into proposing.

Eventually, Harrison was able to calm Crawley’s nerves, telling her to trust herself — and she did. Crawley and Moss got engaged. “Thank you so much for showing up,” Crawley told her fiancé. 

‘The Bachelorette’ Season 16 cast continues with a new lead

For some reason, The Bachelorette team didn’t exactly tell the remaining contestants what was going on. After Harrison told the men about the rose ceremony cancellation, no one on the production team told the cast that Crawley already chose Moss. But later on, Crawley was the one to break the news.

Most of Crawley’s suitors were understanding of the lead’s choice. Meanwhile, others expressed their concern. But Kenny was the only contestant to call out the bachelorette, demanding an apology for “faking it.” Crawley stood her ground and said she wouldn’t apologize for love. 

At this point on The Bachelorette Week 4, the contestants — and viewers — weren’t sure what to make of the season. Many questioned whether this was the end. But Harrison finally unveiled there would be a new lead — and it’s Tayshia Adams. 

Who went home on ‘The Bachelorette’ Week 4 on Thursday, Nov. 5?


How Many Episodes Is ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 16? Chris Harrison Reveals What’s Left in 2020

The Bachelorette Week 4 closed the chapter on Crawley and Moss. But Adams’ adventure begins next Tuesday, Nov. 10. And it might be a little more challenging than you might think.

When Adams stepped out of the limo, The Bachelorette hinted the remaining cast members might be a little hesitant to start again. Then in the preview for week 5, the 30-year-old admitted one of her fears was not being accepted by the suitors. But whatever happens next, only 16 contestants remain after Crawley and Moss’ exit. Here are the individuals who will stay on The Bachelorette for at least another week:

  • Ben 
  • Bennett 
  • Blake Moynes
  • Brendan
  • Chasen
  • Demar
  • Ed 
  • Ivan 
  • Jason 
  • Jay 
  • Joe 
  • Jordan C.
  • Kenny 
  • Riley
  • Eazy
  • Zac C.

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