Who Wrote ‘Hamilton’? Meet the Actor Behind The Disney+ Musical

He’s a Tony award-winning playwright, actor, director, and producer. One of the minds behind the cultural phenomenon, Hamilton, actually acts in the original cast of the Broadway musical. Here’s what we know about Lin-Manuel Miranda and his role with this show. 

One of the writers behind ‘Hamilton’ acts in the musical — Lin-Manuel Miranda

He’s not throwing away his shot. When Hamilton premiered on Broadway, it was somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, catching the attention of former President Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and Harry, Duke of Sussex, among others. 

One of the masterminds behind this musical is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda has many roles in the show, acting as a playwright, actor, director, and producer for Hamilton. As a result, Miranda became famous both inside and outside of the theater world. 

“My relationship with fame, and particularly the success of Hamilton, is that I have to concentrate simply on what comes next. I can’t worry about topping what I just did,” Lin-Manuel Miranda said during an interview with Rolling Stone

“That’s a trap. It’s more like, OK, now I can go make some weird conceptual musical that only five people like and closes in a night. But now I’ve got license to do that, and then go make more good stuff, because of Hamilton,” he continued.

Since then, the actor went on to act in Disney’s musical movie, Mary Poppins Returns. He had a hand in creating the film version of his Broadway musical, In The Heights. Fans can also find him sharing poems on social media. 

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Lin-Manuel Miranda appears as Alexander Hamilton in the original Broadway cast of the musical

Sure, he’s known as the guy who wrote Hamilton, but Lin-Manuel Miranda actually has a starring role in the original broadway cast of this musical. There, he portrays the title character, Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers known for his work with the National Bank and his quarrel with Arron Burr. 

This musical transforms the character, illuminating his personal life and professional ambition through a modern-day lens. That includes rap music, performed by a diverse, Tony nominated and award-winning cast. 

John Dickerson, Andy Blankenbuehler, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Thomas Kail from the 'Hamilton' creative team
John Dickerson, Andy Blankenbuehler, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Thomas Kail from the ‘Hamilton’ creative team | Walter McBride/Getty Images

Lin-Manuel Miranda brought ‘Hamilton’ to Disney’s streaming platform

Although fans might be physically distant from their favorite broadway productions, thanks to Disney+, subscribers now have access to Hamilton from the “best seat in the house.” A live recording of the Tony award-winning musical became available to subscribers during July 2020. 

Fans can see Lin-Manuel Miranda in the Disney+ production of the musical, where he portrays the title character, Alexander Hamilton. He’s joined by the rest of the original Broadway cast, performing songs like “My Shot,” “Alexander Hamilton,” and “The Schuyler Sisters.” 

Lin-Manuel Miranda also appears in the original soundtrack for Moana, performing the song “We Know The Way.” To learn more about Disney’s streaming platform and to subscribe, visit their website

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