Why Are Fans so Obsessed With Joe Rogan’s Dog?

Joe Rogan is a hugely popular comedian and internet personality, who has made his mark on pop culture with his podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the most popular free podcasts in the world, and while sometimes controversial, it is always entertaining. Rogan himself is a bit of a wild card, with occasionally outrageous opinions that he never hesitates to share. Still, Rogan has a soft side – and he displays it most often when he’s with his dog, Marshall. Marshall is a golden retriever who has become almost as popular on social media as Rogan himself.

How did Joe Rogan become famous?

Joe Rogan was born in 1967 in New Jersey. As a child, Rogan and his mother lived in several different states, ultimately settling in Massachusetts. It was there where Rogan developed a deep love and affinity for martial arts. He studied several different martial art forms, including karate and taekwondo, even considering a career in kickboxing. As a young man, Rogan earned a reputation for being funny among his circle of friends; many of them encouraged Rogan to become a comedian.

In the late eighties, Rogan began performing standup at comedy clubs around Boston. He also supported himself with various odd jobs in order to make ends meet, including teaching martial arts and delivering newspapers. Although he went through some tough times in the beginning, Rogan gradually began to make a name for himself as a comedian, becoming especially well-known for his “blue” humor. All throughout the 2000s, Rogan worked on a wide variety of projects, from reality shows to standup comedy albums. It was in 2009, however, that Rogan launched the project that would ultimately define his career – The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

Joe Rogan in a red t-shirt on a wooded trail
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Fans love Marshall Rogan

In spite of his controversial personality and occasionally “out-there” views, Rogan has a very happy, stable home life. He got married in 2009, to Jessica Ditzel, and they have welcomed two daughters during their marriage. Although Rogan keeps his family life low-key, one member of his family is featured prominently on his social media.

Marshall Rogan is a golden retriever, Rogan’s longtime companion. Although Rogan posts pictures of the dog often on his Instagram account (and Marshall has even been known to interrupt his podcast), the charming pup has his own Instagram, which was established in late 2018 by Rogan.  Fans love seeing Marshall and the dog has more than five hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Joe Rogan and his dog have a very close friendship

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There’s no doubt that Joe Rogan is a devoted dog parent. He is committed to keeping Marshall in excellent health and has posted pictures of himself and the dog running. Rogan often brings Marshall with him to work. He doesn’t usually have to worry about the golden retriever disrupting his conversations with guests since the dog is exceptionally well-trained. In fact, Rogan has posted pictures of Marshall eyeballing a plate of bacon but waiting to tackle the snack until given the go-ahead by his owner. 

Fans love the snapshots of Marshall and Rogan’s podcast guests. The pup has been photographed with distinguished visitors, like Senator Bernie Sanders. It is likely that Rogan’s love for his dog helps to make him more likable, even for those who might not be huge fans of Rogan in the first place.