Why ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Think Producers Are Behind the Natasha, Pieper, and Brendan Drama

Bachelor in Paradise fans are always wondering what’s real and what’s being produced. There is possibly going to be drama between Natasha Parker, Brendan Morais, and Pieper James. This is why some of them aren’t buying it. 

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode on Aug. 23!]

Natasha, Pieper, and Brendan might have drama on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Brendan Morais talks to host David Spade on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Brendan Morais talks to host David Spade on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

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Brendan has been popular so far this season, but now it’s becoming a problem. He was already talking to Natasha, then Demi Burnett asked him on a date. Other women let both of them know that he was previously dating Pieper before filming.

Demi confronted him about this rumor. “Pieper and I, we hung out. We spent some time together. We communicated, enjoyed each other’s company, and that’s that. There’s no relationship,” Brendan told her. He then said, “I’m not in a relationship.”

He also talked about his connection with Pieper with Natasha. “We don’t have any labels on anything. I don’t know if she’s gonna be here or not,” he said.

Brendan claimed things were very “casual” with Pieper. He claimed he has the strongest connections with Natasha, and he gave her a rose by the end of the episode.

There is a rumor that Pieper will also go to paradise. So there is a good chance we’ll see a love triangle.

Why ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans think producers are behind the Natasha, Pieper, and Brendan drama

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Some fans are very skeptical about this possible love triangle. Fans reacted to the episode on Reddit and gave their reasons why.

“Why was Natasha acting like she never heard of Pieper before. They hang out in NYC together, and she probably knows Brendan was dating Pieper,” one person asked. 

“I feel like between the super-producer approved Demi storyline AND Natasha (another suspected producer plant) … TPTB like Pieper and Brendan?!??? Maybe they will take any legit couple at this point as long as both are alums,” another fan replied.

“I absolutely love Natasha but I’m kinda wondering if the producers have her there to play a role that she’s agreed to. She and Joe are their podcast darlings and it’s suspicious to me that they’re both there. Especially Joe when they had soooooo many new people to choose from this season,” a third fan wrote.

Do Natasha and Pieper know each other?

Natasha and Pieper have crossed paths. Pieper has been a guest on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, which Natasha hosts with Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams in March.

Pieper went on and reportedly started talking to Brendan in June. “Pieper and Brendan have been dating for a few weeks now,” a source told Us Weekly. “Either he’ll fly to New York and hang with her, or she’ll fly to Boston to hang with him. She was most recently in Boston over Memorial Day weekend and they were even spotted out in public together.”

It looks like Natasha and Brendan have a connection for now. But only time will tell if it’ll last. For now, some fans are questioning if it’s real at all.