Why BTS Fans Think Jungkook’s Mixtape Could Drop Soon

Ever since 2019, Jungkook of BTS has been dropping hints about his highly-anticipated mixtape. The release date of the mixtape is unknown, and BTS fans are vigilant on social media in case the mixtape is released as a surprise.

On Jan. 11, ARMY discovered another possible hint that Jungkook’s mixtape could drop soon. The BTS singer’s Apple Music profile was updated with a new photo, signaling that new solo music from Jungkook could be on its way.

BTS Jungkook
Jungkook of BTS | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

The possible significance of the Apple Music profile

On May 22, 2020, Suga of BTS released a mixtape as Agust D called D-2. In the week leading up to the mixtape’s release, a countdown with a singular image began, and each day the image became more visible.

The mixtape was not released on the last day of the countdown, and it was instead released on the second to last day to subvert fans’ expectations. Hours before the mixtape was released, the profile picture for Agust D’s profile on Apple Music was changed.

BTS fans noticed that Jungkook’s profile picture on Apple Music changed to a photo from the BE photo book that came with physical copies of the album. Currently, the only song listed on the profile is a duet Jungkook performed on King of Masked Singer in 2016.

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Some BTS fans think Jungkook’s mixtape could be released

After the photo on Apple Music changed, some fans began to speculate that Jungkook’s mixtape could drop sometime in January 2021. The BTS singer trended on Twitter on Jan. 11 as ARMY tried to figure out what the photo meant.

While some fans were quick to assume that the photo change could be related to Jungkook’s mixtape, other fans think the photo was changed by mistake or somehow updated by a fan.

“odd choice for a new profile picture… i’m reminded of when rm’s name changed to rap monster on apple music in late 2019 and people thought it was a comeback hint. unless jungkook picked it out, i’m inclined to think this is a mistake and doesn’t mean anything,” a Reddit user wrote.

“Technically, the song he sang with Lady Jane on Masked Singer a while ago in 2016 is on Apple Music, so he’s listed on it as Jung Kook. But, personally I’m not sure that this is his official profile either… I’m inclined to believe that this is some error tbh,” wrote a Reddit user.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “The picture is actually taken from a fan’s scan of the BE album photobook. Come on, why would bighit upload a scan posted on twitter as their artist’s profile pic…”

Jungkook has blonde hair now

While there is no confirmation that the Apple Music photo means anything, Jungkook recently captured attention at the 2021 Golden Disc Awards. The annual event was held on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10, and Jungkook revealed newly-dyed blonde hair at the awards show.

The singer did not confirm why he chose to dye his hair blonde after having dark hair for quite some time. Oftentimes, new hair colors can signal that a BTS comeback is in the works. Fans know that Jungkook has been putting a lot of work into his mixtape, which means Jungkook’s blonde hair could be another clue.

“I will ascend to the heavens if blonde Jungkook was actually for his mixtape…,” wrote a fan on Reddit.