Why Charlie Hunnam Brought His Own Eggs to the Set of ‘Sons of Anarchy’

During his seven-season run on Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam took his role of Jax Teller extremely seriously. Sometimes, it was hard to tell the difference between the two. But the truth is, Hunnam is nothing like the character that made his career.

Hunnam is a polite and thoughtful Brit who’s been in a relationship with the same woman for more than a decade. He also has some strong beliefs, which led him to bring his own eggs to the Sons of Anarchy set.

Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy
‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Charlie Hunnam drove the same motorcycle as Jax Teller

When Hunnam arrived for his interview with Men’s Health in 2014 to discuss the end of Sons of Anarchy, he could have easily been mistaken for his character. Hunnam was driving a Harley Dyna Super Glide, the exact same motorcycle that Jax drove. He also wore the same bucket helmet and leather gloves.

Hunnam immersed himself in the role so much over the course of seven seasons that it was difficult for him to let the character go when the show ended.

According to Looper, Hunnam went through a grieving process when he said goodbye to Jax.

“I knew the security guards and for a couple of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something’,” Hunnam admitted. “So they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal process of saying goodbye.”

He grew extremely close to ‘Sons of Anarchy’ creator Kurt Sutter

When Hunnam looks back at his time on Sons of Anarchy, he says it was similar to a college experience for him.

“I think I went into Sons of Anarchy being a pretty unaccomplished actor in terms of my skill set,” he told People. “I wasn’t one of these people that were born enormously and innately talented. I had to really cultivate a skill set.”

During that time he also became super-close to SOA creator Kurt Sutter. The Newcastle, England native described Sutter as his “Hollywood dad” and he’s like the son Sutter never had.

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“That’s the depth of our relationship. I feel like it’s reached that significance. We just truly love and respect each other,” Hunnam explained.

Sutter said that he felt the same way, and added that he would take a bullet for Hunnam.

The 40-year-old noted that Sons of Anarchy gave him a career. He says the show gave him the ability and the confidence to make acting a lifelong career.

Charlie Hunnam has strong opinions about food and fame

Hunnam became a household name and a sex symbol during his time on Sons of Anarchy. But he doesn’t care about fame, and he doesn’t read anything about himself in the media. When it comes to his screaming female fans, Hunnam says the most important woman in his life is his longtime girlfriend, Morgana McNelis.

“I have a girlfriend. If you were like 25 and a p***y hound, being famous would be awesome. But it’s not like I’m spending too much time in Vegas or in the Hollywood clubs or anything like that. So it really doesn’t benefit me much,” Hunnam explained.

Aside from his girlfriend, another top priority for Hunnam is working out and eating healthy. During Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam would bring raw eggs to the set and craft services would cook them for him.

“They’re like, ‘Why are you bringing your own eggs?’ I’m like, ‘Cause your eggs are from Monsanto. Mine are from a farm down the road,'” Hunnam said.

All seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy are available for streaming on Hulu.