Why Did Everyone Hate the ‘Roseanne’ Finale So Much?

The TV show Roseanne was a staple of the ’90s. The sitcom, which premiered in 1988, followed the daily lives of the Conner family, led by parents Dan and Roseanne, and their three children, Becky, Darlene, and DJ. Roseanne was entertaining, and although the show taught viewers some important lessons about life in general, there were reportedly times when it was even a bit controversial.

Scott, Roseanne, and Leon at a wedding on 'Roseanne'
(L-R) Fred Willard, Roseanne Barr, Martin Mull | ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

According to Decider, audiences were a bit shocked when the sitcom featured things such as a gay wedding, abortion, and teen birth control. Even so, the ratings continued to soar week after week, more than proving that the show was a success.

Viewers were more than eager to tune in each week to see what the Conner family was up to, but when it came time to end the original series, people were a bit disappointed. So, why did everyone hate the Roseanne finale so much?

Some of the best moments on ‘Roseanne’

The ending to the show may not have been what viewers were anticipating, but that’s not to say that that overall, they didn’t love Roseanne. Millions of fans got lots of laughs each week at the wise-cracking family matriarch, her loving husband, and their kids.

What were some of the iconic moments that were enjoyed the most, and still remembered to this day? The New York Times reports that there are quite a few. There was the time in season 2 when Becky passes gas during a student council meeting and the boy who was supposed to take her on a date on that night witnesses the entire incident.

Then, there was the episode when it was career day at Darlene’s school, so Roseanne took all the students in her home economics class on a field trip to the supermarket to teach them about the job of taking care of a family. Hilariousness ensues!

Why did everyone hate the ‘Roseanne’ finale so much?

It turns out that the majority of viewers just didn’t like the ending of Roseanne.  So, why did everyone hate the finale so much? It turns out that the whole show was a dream, which was just strange for viewers. Independent reports that there was a bizarre twist of events that just didn’t sit right with fans.

When the reboot of the show premiered several years ago, the storyline changed once again, and producers had to pretend that the entire final season never happened. Interestingly, Roseanne wasn’t the only show that had a finale with poor reviews.

Fans were disappointed with the ending of shows such as Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, and Game of Thrones, just to name a few. Looks like even some of the most beloved shows don’t get the ending that everyone was hoping for. 

How did the show end?

The original Roseanne installment lasted for 222 episodes, but like all good things, it eventually had to come to an end. So, how did the show go off the air? According to PopSugar, it was a bit complicated. It was over 20 years ago that Dan Conner had a heart attack at his daughter Darlene’s wedding to her longtime boyfriend, David.

He had been having an extramarital affair, and the finale reveals how Roseanne made the whole thing up in her mind, and also that the entire series was based on a book that she was writing, although a few parts had been changed. Sadly, she also reveals that Dan has died. John Goodman, the actor who portrayed Dan, didn’t like the whole premise of the finale, saying that “It was irrelevant. It was just silly”.

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