Why Did Princess Diana Worry More About Prince Harry Than Prince William?

Prince Harry has had a truly incredible couple of years. He found and married the love of his life, Meghan Markle, in a beautiful ceremony that the whole world watched. Most recently, the couple welcomed their son, Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry has also been stepping into his role as Duke of Sussex and attended more charity events than ever before. However, he wasn’t always so sure of his direction in life. A recent documentary has shed some light on how much Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, worried about her younger son.

Was Prince Harry close to Princess Diana?

Princess Diana
Princess Diana with a young Prince Harry and Prince William. | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Prince Harry, born in 1984, is the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales. Although he was born into royalty and rules, Prince Harry reportedly had a very happy childhood. Princess Diana was determined that her sons would experience as much of a normal childhood as possible, and regularly took them outside the confines of the palace by taking public transportation and visiting places like the park and McDonald’s.

Princess Diana also tried to instill her love of good works in her sons and took them to homeless shelters and other charities, so that they would understand everyone was not born into the same privilege that they were. While Princess Diana’s protocol-breaking ways did not endear her to the very traditional palace, the public loved her for it, and she became known as the “people’s princess.”

Why did Princess Diana worry about Prince Harry so much?

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Today, The Duke of Sussex attended the launch of Made by Sport, a new campaign which champions the power of sport to change the lives of young people. Alongside British boxing legends Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams, The Duke of Sussex met a number of sports community coaches from across the UK who play an invaluable role in inspiring future generations and giving young people the focus, skills and support they need. Bringing together over 60 organisations already working in the sports sector, @_madebysport aims to reach thousands of young people in the most disadvantaged communities across the UK through schools, clubs and organisations. This afternoon, The Duke spoke with young people about why sport matters to them and how it is changing, and sometimes even saving, lives. One of these was 15 year old Dantaye, who explained how getting involved with boxing turned his life around, keeping him away from the influence of knife crime and helping him focus on his future. Through his work on sport for social good over the last 10 years, The Duke has seen first-hand how sport can positively impact people’s mental fitness and the role it can play in helping change young people’s lives. Giving them purpose, a safe space with community, core values and confidence to excel in life. The Duke strongly believes that the investment of time and resources in youth programs (specifically with sport) is essential in helping save on funding, save lives and create stronger communities.

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From the time of his birth, Prince Harry demonstrated a mischievous streak. The little boy loved to play pranks and would run his mother, as well as the palace staff, truly ragged. However, this wasn’t the reason why he caused his mother so much worry.

The Netflix documentary, The Royals, digs deep into the relationship between Princess Diana and her sons, especially the close bond she shared with Prince Harry. The documentary reveals that Princess Diana was always more concerned about Prince Harry than Prince William. After all, Prince William’s purpose in life was established: He was born to rule and would assume the throne after his father, Prince Charles.

It would be harder for Prince Harry to find where he fits. The documentary also claims that Princess Diana always believed that, even though he is “the spare,” her youngest son would make an excellent ruler. She even nicknamed him “Good King Harry.”

Prince Harry has found a direction in life

When Princess Diana passed away in 1997, Prince Harry was only twelve years old. He was forced to not only grow up in the spotlight without his beloved mother but to find his way all on his own. For some years, the redheaded royal seemed to struggle with finding his identity. He became known as the party animal of the royal family, drinking and partying sometimes to excess. While Prince William’s course was set, Prince Harry floundered. 

It all turned around in 2016 when he met Markle, an actress. The two bonded immediately and by late 2017, they were engaged. While the couple had many naysayers, it seems as though they were meant to be. They were spotted together all over the world and following their wedding in May 2018, they didn’t waste any time in starting a family all their own.

With the impending arrival of his new baby, Prince Harry rededicated his time to worthwhile causes like saving the environment and creating a better world for children everywhere. When Baby Archie Harrison arrived in early May, Prince Harry truly seemed to be over the moon. There’s no doubt that his mother would be proud of him and the life that he has created for himself and his family.