Why Does ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Keep Sharing Her Plastic Surgery on Instagram?

Since her days on Teen Mom OG and 16 and Pregnant, viewers have both adored and detested star Farrah Abraham. Her polarizing personality no doubt brought in the viewers, however, as she was constantly criticized by MTV fans and other moms on the show for her parenting choices. Today, Farrah may no longer be associated with the Teen Mom franchise, but she’s still making a splash on social media with what she chooses to share.

If there’s one aspect of Farrah we’re sure about, it’s that she’s comfortable sharing aspects of her personal life with her followers. And she also frequently posts about her ventures with plastic surgery. Here’s why she continues to share with her fans.

Farrah Abraham recently shared her latest injections on her Instagram

Farrah’s been candid about her plastic surgery since the beginning, and she’s proven she’s unafraid to continue on with her cosmetic procedures with her recent Instagram posts. Recently, she posted a video to Instagram showing her getting injections into her backside. “FLAWLESS FRIDAY @flawlessvegas OUR 1 YEAR BOOTY ANNIVERSARY,” she captioned the post.

This isn’t the first time her fans have seen Farrah getting these injections, either. Us Weekly reminds us back in April 2018, the star also posted a video of the procedure. She explained at the time, “And we are just smoothing it out, keeping it normal, keeping it natural with our regular collagen, not any extra fillers. So this is really nice, easy, simple and it lasts for two years.” Sophia, her daughter who was 9 at the time, was the one recording the video, too, which many folks took issue with. As one of Farrah’s followers commented, “So disappointed all new low having your daughter record it and watch it. Sad.”

She likes to be transparent about her body and attempts to normalize taboo topics

Sophia and Farrah Abraham
Sophia and Farrah Abraham | Jamie McCarthy/VMN18/Getty Images for MTV

So, why does Farrah share all of her procedures with her fans? The famous mom doesn’t have anything to hide, and she loves discussing topics with her fan base that would normally be considered taboo. In fact, E! News notes Farrah’s also discussed her past experiences getting a nose job, a chin implant, multiple breast augmentations, and even a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. And the publication notes she also told the Hollywood Pipeline podcast at the time, “I regret not getting more [plastic surgery]. I always say it’s better to prevent when you’re younger than when you’re older and you’ve let yourself go.”

Farrah’s also been transparent about the other controversial choices she’s made in her life, like her decision to take part in the adult film industry. MTV reminds us Farrah said, “Making a sex tape changed the course of my life forever, but some of my biggest challenges have been my greatest teachers.” And she doesn’t hide anything from her daughter, either, as she believes honesty is the best policy.

She’s even stated she wouldn’t mind if her daughter got plastic surgery later in life

There’s no doubt Farrah’s quite body-positive and forward-thinking when it comes to what should be socially acceptable, and many commend her for it. She has made some comments regarding her daughter, Sophia, that have rubbed some fans the wrong way, however. Us Weekly reports back in 2015, Farrah noted that Sophia was aware of Farrah’s plastic surgery, but that was totally OK with the mom. “You’ll see that my daughter does value how I’ve done my look and invested in myself, and I feel like if [plastic surgery is] not harming her and making her look better, and keeping her healthy into her older years, I have no issues with that,” Farrah told the publication.

Farrah mentioned she thinks Sophia is beautiful just the way she is, of course, but even so, fans aren’t loving how much exposure Sophia is getting to the world of cosmetic surgery. Farrah believes the way she chooses to parent her daughter is just fine, however — so there’s certainly no changing her mind here.

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