Why Does the Royal Family Live so Long?

(L) Queen Elizabeth II and (R) Prince Philip watch a polo match
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip | Antony Jones/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth has the longest and one of the most successful reigns of any monarch in history. She has witnessed some truly incredible moments in history, and even now, at the age of 93, is showing no real signs of slowing down. Reportedly, she plans to rule until she absolutely can’t anymore.

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth is living her best life, and with a large extended family of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, she’s probably as happy as she’s ever been. The queen also lives a healthy lifestyle and along with her husband, Prince Philip, seems to have found the secret to a long life.

Queen Elizabeth lives a balanced life

Although she is 93 years old, Queen Elizabeth practices a no-excuses approach to diet and fitness. She eats a simple diet that doesn’t change much on a day to day basis, and she also keeps her portion sizes very light, so as not to get overfull. A few of her favorite types of foods include grilled fish (reportedly she has fish with nearly every meal), seasonal fruits and vegetables, and proteins like grilled chicken.

Queen Elizabeth also loves a good cup of tea and doesn’t shy away from a nip of gin. The queen doesn’t just follow a strict routine when it comes to her meals – her daily life is a series of regimented tasks. She has disciplined herself to wake up at the same time every day, 8:30 am, and eats breakfast followed by a relaxing bath. After catching up on world events via a newspaper and the radio, Queen Elizabeth spends some time journaling, before heading off to take care of her royal duties. 

Prince Philip, at the age of 98, has long received praise for his impressive level of physical fitness. Sources close to Prince Philip claim that he’s very strict with what he eats, takes care not to gain any weight, and follows an “intense” exercise routine in order to maintain his optimal health. In fact, he keeps himself in such good shape that his clothing size hasn’t even changed over the years. 

The royal family has access to the best medical care

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s healthy diet and lifestyle have contributed to their long lives. There is also a certain level of privilege that comes with being members of the royal family. The royal couple, as well as their family, enjoys easy access to the very best medical care that money can buy, and are closely monitored by physicians at all times. 

Will Prince William and Prince Harry live as long as Queen Elizabeth?

Another contributing factor to Queen Elizabeth’s long, healthy reign is the fact that she has always worked and refuses to retire until she is unable to perform her royal duties. Working consistently can help to maintain a sense of purpose, which is good for mental as well as physical health. While it is certain that Queen Elizabeth won’t live forever, for now, she’s staying the course and doing the best that she can for her family as well as her country.

Considering the long lives that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have enjoyed, many royal fans have wondered if Prince Harry and Prince William, their grandsons, will also have such longevity. While it’s hard to predict their trajectory, they have the same access to top-notch medical care and security, so as long as they follow good diets and take care of themselves, there’s no reason to suspect that they won’t enjoy long, happy lives.