Why Does Tom Brady Refuse to Eat Strawberries?

Tom Brady is known for his incredibly strict diet. The 42-year-old signal-caller has credited his strict eating regime for his age-defying, on-the-field performances. He refuses to ingest food that is in the nightshade family. He doesn’t consume any dairy, and he keeps a mostly vegan diet. His whole family, including the kids, follow the same eating plan. There is one other food that Tom Brady won’t touch. He refuses to eat strawberries, but it’s for a totally relatable reason.

Tom Brady won’t eat strawberries

Strawberries are perhaps one of the most easily accessible fruits. Millions of people across the globe go crazy for the brightly colored berry, and they often find their way in summer meals and treats. Brady won’t be indulging in them, though. In fact, he had never even tried one until he was well into adulthood, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Brady actually made it 40 full years without ever giving the delectable fruit a try. So what made him finally down a bite? Steven Colbert was the reason behind his decision to give it a try. During an interview to promote his book in 2018, Colbert challenged the New England Patriots’ quarterback to eat one before pulling out a pint of perfectly ripe berries. He tried one, but based on his facial expression, he hasn’t changed his stance on the fruit.

Why has Brady avoided strawberries for so long?

Fans of the quarterback have long assumed that Brady avoids berries because of his diet, but apparently, that’s not the case at all. Brady told Colbert that he simply hates the smell of them, and after eating one, he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the texture or the taste, either.

According to USA Today, Brady’s distaste for the fruit stretches all the way back to childhood. He told Peter Segal, host of NPR’s  Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, that his aunt used to bring over cases of strawberries, and that the smell permeating from the fridge turned his stomach. He had never ingested one, simply because the strong smell bothered him.

Once he tried the fruit, he wasn’t impressed. Brady said he could taste the single bite for 30 minutes, and he wasn’t really a fan. He used a colorful expletive to describe the actual taste. If you are expecting to see strawberries added to Brady’s strict dieting regime, don’t hold your breath.

What does Tom Brady actually eat?

Brady’s diet is mostly vegan, but it’s also packed with protein. In fact, Brady eats between 2 and 4 protein shakes a day, and they are pretty dense. Brady states in his book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, that his smoothies include nuts, seeds, protein powder, and fruit.

Lunch and dinner may contain meat, but it’s almost always fish, and Brady forgoes heavy carbs, like potatoes, bread, and rice. Instead, he fills his plate with green veggies. Brady keeps sweets to a minimum, but he does indulge in avocado-based “ice cream” on occasion. He said he might consider loosing up his diet once he retires, but it doesn’t look like he plans on doing that soon. At least, it’s not in the cards this year.