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Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis recently released her new book on healthy eating. While the Food Network star doesn’t believe in boycotting certain indulgent edibles, she provides readers with a list of items that should be consumed in moderation. De Laurentiis shared her perspective on how she keeps specific categories in check.

Giada De Laurentiis attends the Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola
Giada De Laurentiis | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Giada De Laurentiis consumes her caffeine on the early side

A confessed sugar and caffeine lover, De Laurentiis is the first to admit she cannot go long without her two top vices. In her book, Eat Better, Feel Better: My Recipes for Wellness and Healing, Inside and Out, the chef shared some pros and cons on that kick in your coffee.

“Medical science has been going back and forth on this one for years, with some studies showing it to be harmful and others suggesting it is actually beneficial in fighting cancer and other diseases,” De Laurentiis wrote. “The one thing we know for sure, though, is that it will keep you from getting the sleep you need, particularly if you drink it close to bedtime, as its effects can last for hours.”

The Food Network personality still allows herself some coveted caffeine, yet is mindful of what time and how much she consumes.

“I limit the amount of caffeine I drink,” De Laurentiis remarked. “That includes black and green teas — and avoid it all together after noon.”

‘Giada at Home’ star puts a limit on liquor

De Laurentiis stresses balance with all aspects of nutrition, and explains why it’s best to limit your alcohol intake on a regular basis.

“When it comes to alcohol, moderation is key,” the Everyday Italian star remarked. “Alcohol is known to put a strain on your liver and cause inflammation. Overconsumption of alcohol has also been shown to disrupt sleep, preventing you from getting the deep, sustained rest you need.”

Specializing in Italian cuisine, De Laurentiis has a penchant for fine wine. Realizing her digestive system may be a bit slow on processing alcoholic beverages, she puts a cap on how many glasses she allows herself per each week.

“Because I’m one of those folks whose liver is a slow detoxifier, I limit my drinking to one or two glasses of wine her week,” De Laurentiis revealed. “I avoid sugary, fruity drinks or wines with high additives like sulfites.”

Giada De Laurentiis gives some facts on fat

While alcohol and caffeine fall under her “Proceed with Caution” section, De Laurentiis considers the heading more of a culinary practice than a list of foods. Still, she recommends being careful with certain fatty fare.

“‘Proceed with Caution’ is really more a cooking method than a particular food category,” she explained. “But if you want to do your body some good, so ‘no thanks’ next time you’re asked ‘Do you want fries with that?’ I’m not saying that all fat is evil — that’s just not true. … But when some fats are exposed to high heat, they change chemically, becoming much harder for your body to break down. These so-called trans fats are associated with serious health concerns.”


Giada De Laurentiis Almost Specialized in This Cuisine Instead of Italian

De Laurentiis notes that while some fats are to be consumed in moderation, they can add flavor and provide certain health benefits. She recommends choosing foods rich in unsaturated fats to help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels.

“You will get the same stomach-filling effect from avocados and olive oil, fatty fish, and lean meats,” she wrote, “with far less downside than you will from fries and chips.”

Eat Better, Feel Better is now on sale.