Why Hailee Steinfeld Would Actually Make the Perfect Squirrel Girl

Avengers: Endgame wrapped up Phase 3 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the defeat of Thanos and several beloved heroes lost. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time for a new challenge and new characters to keep the MCU teeming with action and heroes. Viewers have lots of ideas about who should show up in the MCU next, and one of the heroes they’re rooting for is pretty unusual. 

Hailee Steinfeld smiling in front of a white background
Hailee Steinfeld | Noam Galai/Getty Images

Who is Squirrel Girl?

Squirrel Girl has appeared in the Marvel Comics, but not in the MCU yet. According to Marvel, Squirrel Girl is Doreen Green, who sprouted squirrel features as a teen. There’s no explanation for this sudden appearance of buck teeth, a bushy tail, and squirrel-like agility, but as you might expect, her peers at school teased her about it. To escape the mocking, she would escape to the woods, where she got to know the local squirrels.

Doreen not only enjoys hanging out with squirrels, but she can also communicate with them through squirrel vocalizations, so they will follow her bidding. She has the speed and reflexes of a squirrel, so she can perform astounding acrobatics, such as a standing high jump of 30 feet. 

In Marvel Comics, Squirrel Girl was created because of Doreen’s admiration of Iron Man. She lived near Stark Enterprises, and she longed to fight evil as his sidekick. So she made a costume and became Squirrel Girl. 

Marvel fans are clamoring for Squirrel Girl to join the MCU. And some people are pretty sure they know who should play her. 

The multitalented Hailee Steinfeld

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Biography reports that Steinfeld was born in Los Angeles, which was convenient because her acting career took off early. She was only eight when she started landing roles. When she was 14, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for her work in the movie True Grit

That early success opened even more doors for Steinfeld. She went on to star in several movies, including Begin Again, Ender’s Game, and the Pitch Perfect franchise. An a capella song she performed in Pitch Perfect 2 landed her a recording contract with Republic Records. She’s released two albums, Haiz in 2015 and Half-Written Story earlier this year. She’s also done some modeling, working for the Italian fashion brand Miu Miu.

Why should Hailee Steinfeld play Squirrel Girl?

What would make this well-rounded artist the right choice to play Squirrel Girl? ScreenRant shared the details behind this fan theory. In the past, Anna Kendrick has said that she’d love to take on the role of the remarkable rodent, an idea that her fans have responded to enthusiastically. But other people think that Steinfeld may be a better choice.

For one thing, Steinfeld has played comedic roles in the past, and she even did some of her own stunts in True Grit, so she clearly has the skills to pull off Squirrel Girl’s energetic, somewhat nerdy style. She also seems to resemble her physically — minus the buck teeth and fluffy tail, of course. Steinfeld is also only 23, while Kendrick is 35. While Kendrick could certainly play a convincing Squirrel Girl right now, Steinfeld would much more easily pass for a high schooler.

There’s no information yet about whether Squirrel Girl actually will show up in the MCU, much less what actor would be chosen if she does. But while they wait and hope for an announcement about her, fans are enjoying imagining what she might look like. And at least some of them are hoping Steinfeld will be the one to don the teeth and tail and scamper into the MCU.