Why Halsey Is Avoiding Getting Tattoos On This One Body Part

Singer and songwriter Halsey is known for her eclectic style. Her tattoos remain a constant in her ever-changing looks, whether she is rocking long braids, short pink hair, baggy jeans, or an embellished gown. 

But recently, Halsey revealed that there is one body part they don’t want to get tattooed. Find out what it is and the reason they gave for keeping the area ink-free.

Halsey is covered in tattoos

The “Be Kind” singer, who uses the pronouns she/they, is already covered in ink. She has both colorful and black and white tattoos on nearly every part of her body.

They have opened up in the past about the significance of her ink. For example, she has a tattoo that says “Serendipity” below her left breast. It represents the luck that she has had in both her personal and professional life. 

Her mother has the same tattoo, so it also represents how fortunate they are to have each other.

The “Closer” singer is clearly a fan of matching tattoos since she got a tattoo of a matchstick on her forearm to “match” three of her fans (get it?). The lucky fans who got the matching ink with Halsey were chosen randomly on Twitter. 

Halsey even has a tattoo that was drawn by Lil Wayne. She got the ink “seconds before walking onstage,” according to her Instagram post showing off the artwork of scales, which is the zodiac symbol for Libra, flanked by the words “Sins” and “forgiveness.”

She captioned the post, “‘On my Libra scale I’m weighin sins and forgiveness’ Got this yatted by @jonboytattoo seconds before walking onstage. thanks for writing this one out for me @liltunechi ⚖️ #libragang”

The singer opened up about which body part she isn’t inking… for now

Since Halsey already has so many tattoos, it may be surprising to hear that she is holding off from adding any more ink to one specific body part. But the singer explained the very special reason on social media. 

On Thursday, Oct. 7, a fan tweeted Hasley to ask, “got any tattoo plans now you’re not cooking a bb?” 

Halsey responded, “I wanna tattoo my whole stomach but I think I gotta wait until I’m “done having kids” cause some of my existing belly area tattoos have already seen better days.”

Halsey had her first child, a baby boy named Ender Ridley, earlier this year on July 14, 2021. The baby’s father is her partner Alev Aydin, a screenwriter Halsey met while working on a film about her life.

The “Graveyard” singer has been open in the past about having several miscarriages. They have also said that they want to be a parent more than anything.

Close-up of Halsey's face with elaborate, colorful eye makeup.
Halsey | Don Arnold/WireImage

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Fans showed off their Halsey-inspired tattoos in the comments

The “Without Me” singer’s fans greeted her honesty with a wave of support. Many of them replied with photos of their own ink inspired by Halsey. 

One fan shared a photo of their stomach tattoo with Halsey, saying, “i got my endo tattoo across my belly and hope that if i get pregnant and have stretch marks that i’ll love it even more.”

Others begged Halsey to repeat her matchstick fan tattoo with them. “Come to brazil tattoo something with me,” one commenter pleaded.

And one fan pledged their eternal support for Halsey by commenting, “You’ll never be done having kids because my children will be Halsey fans one day.”