Why Harry Styles Left a Massive Tip While He Was on Vacation

Since he became a solo artist, Harry Styles’ signature phrase has been “Treat people with kindness.” He apparently takes that mantra to heart. Learn about the huge tip he left at a restaurant while he was on vacation – and why he gave it.

Harry Styles in Los Angeles | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify

Harry Styles gives the tip of a lifetime

Yahoo! Lifestyle report Styles spent time on the island of St. Thomas. While he was there, he ate at a restaurant called Carribean Fish Market. At the restaurant, he incurred a bill of $472.50 alongside two of his British celebrity friends: Adele and James Corden.

A bill of that size would generally require a fairly large tip. Styles’ tip, however, was shockingly big. He tipped his server a whopping $2,020.

Why did he choose that amount?

Yahoo! Lifestyle says the singer gave the huge amount as a reference to the new year. Styles’ move seems to have been inspired by another $2,020 tip given by Donnie Wahlberg on New Year’s Day in Michigan. Such a New Year’s gift would be wonderful from anyone, but imagine how wonderful – and surprising – it would be to receive such a gift from a celebrity as big as Donnie Wahlberg or Harry Styles!

Harry Styles performing in New York | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HS

The employee who received Styles’ tip acknowledged the Wahlberg connection on Instagram, writing “Big ups to @harrystyles for taking care of Mr Big Life!” he wrote. “@donniewahlberg you got the second worldwide response from Harry Styles all the way from St Thomas Virgin Islands with @j_corden and @adele. Happy new year guys!”

Styles wasn’t the only one inspired by Wahlberg’s generosity. Fans of the actor who aren’t so rich and famous decided to give $20.20 tips at restaurants as little New Year’s gifts to servers. Their tips managed to brighten people’s holiday without breaking the bank.

Post Malone’s similar move

Styles and Wahlberg aren’t at the first celebrities to make headlines by giving incredibly generous tips. Post Malone is known as a bling rapper and he is willing to share the bling. Eater Los Angeles reports he once performed a series of concerts at the Forum, a popular Los Angeles venue.

Post Malone performing in California | Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Universal Music

While he was in the City of Angels, he had the opportunity to go to Mel’s Diner, a famous eatery in the area. Although some celebrities are stingy with their time, Malone decided to pose for pictures and converse with fans when he was at Mel’s Diner. He was wearing a kilt the whole time, which is quite the fashion statement, even for a rapper who is known for his fashion statements.

Malone also gave the staff a $1,000 tip. That was surely just payment for any extra hullabaloo the staff may have dealt with because of Malone’s presence. It’s also just a nice gesture.

Wahlberg, Styles, and Malone all displayed generosity and kindness.  Their actions helped to cement their image as nice guys. Hopefully, their benevolence will inspire their fans to give back in ways both big and small.