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The Good Doctor’s Morgan Reznick seems confused about her love life. She’s seeing Dr. Alex Park (mostly for hookups), but she acts like she hates him most of the time. Morgan clearly likes Park and might even want something more, so why is she pushing him away? Here’s what happened last time on The Good Doctor.

Morgan doesn’t want Alex to get attached to her

Fiona Gubelmann on 'The Good Doctor' | Sergei Bachlakov via Getty Images
Fiona Gubelmann on ‘The Good Doctor’ | Sergei Bachlakov via Getty Images

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 14 (titled “Gender Reveal”), opens with Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) and Park (Will Yun Lee) in bed together. Park has is hand draped over her, but she quickly pushes his hand away. Morgan is trying to make sure she stays physically and emotionally detached.

Morgan first began pushing Park away after he confessed he had feelings for her. She tells him she can’t share an apartment with someone who has feelings for her, so she asks him to move out. Park is confused by this, but he respects her wishes and leaves. He only comes over when they want to be intimate.

At one point, Morgan discovers Park’s phone charger in her home. She gives it back to him because she doesn’t want him to get too comfortable at her place. “You forgot your phone charger,” she says. Park tells her to “leave it there for next time,” but she doesn’t like the idea.

Fiona Gubelmann and Will Yun Lee on 'The Good Doctor' | Jack Rowand via Getty Images
Fiona Gubelmann and Will Yun Lee on ‘The Good Doctor’ | Jack Rowand via Getty Images

Morgan wants Park to take all his belongings with him when he leaves. She shoots back, “Since when did you start counting on a next time?” She says she doesn’t want him to feel like he can just come to her house and “plug in” any time he wants.

Morgan later suggests that Park start seeing other people, so he doesn’t get too attached to her. He starts to say he doesn’t want to, and she cuts him off. “If we’re gonna keep hooking up, you should start sleeping with other people,” she says. She also describes him as “soft and prone to attachment.” Park tells her she’s a strange woman, but he takes her advice and begins using his Bumble dating app.

He promises he won’t get attached to her because she lacks charm. “What’s gonna keep me from getting attached to you isn’t the charms of other women, it’s your utter lack of any,” says Park.

Morgan is jealous of Park’s date

Fiona Gubelmann on the set of 'The Good Doctor' | Jack Rowand via Getty Images
Fiona Gubelmann on the set of ‘The Good Doctor’ | Jack Rowand via Getty Images

Park begins a relationship with pediatric resident Heather Boyd. When Morgan sees them leaving the hospital for a date, she seems jealous. Morgan has a problem with him dating Heather because she didn’t want him to be with her. When she first saw them flirting, Morgan told him she was “all wrong” for him. According to her, a pediatric resident is too kind, caring, and nurturing. She says what Park needs is fun.

It seems like Morgan was afraid Park would become more interested in Heather than her, so she wanted to stop that relationship in its tracks before it got started. However, Park decided not to take her advice, and he moved forward.

What’s going on with Morgan on ‘The Good Doctor’?

Our guess is that Morgan is afraid of falling for Park and then getting hurt. She wants to protect herself. However, the way she’s acting isn’t helping. She will likely end up pushing away someone who truly cares for her. We don’t think things between Morgan and Park will last much longer.

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