Why Is Peter Weber a Terrible Bachelor?

Even if you haven’t been watching The Bachelor this season, you definitely still know about the drama. Each episode there’s something new, and it’s weighing on fans. And even though the contestants might be some of the least-liked in a long time, the bachelor himself is not universally liked either. In fact, Peter Weber is deemed terrible by some fans. Why are they saying that? 

Peter Weber on 'Extra' on September 17, 2019.
Peter Weber on ‘Extra’ on September 17, 2019 | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Peter Weber doesn’t seem to know what he wants and wasn’t ready to be the bachelor

In a now-deleted Reddit post by user u/neycourt93, they wrote about how they typically “grow to love the leads as the season goes on” but that they really can’t get behind Weber this season. This opened up a whole discussion, and one major reason behind their dislike was that he just didn’t seem like he knew what he was doing. 

User u/livelaughlez commented, “I feel betrayed because I was really defending Peter a lot when everyone else in the sub was Team Mike,” they wrote. “Turns out… the ride is just watching an immature baby screw around with a bunch of equally immature girls’ emotions”

Another user, u/Junglecat828, commented Weber is simply not ready to be the bachelor and search for a lifelong partner. “Peter was not ready to be bachelor.. he’s just a f*ckboy anyway,” they wrote. “I liked Mike for a reason. I’m going to say this for a lot of Mike fans, we saw the potential, we saw the maturity and the charm. It was more than just having a POC [Person of Color].”

Weber’s past does bring up some red flags. For one, he started this season fresh off a breakup with Hannah Brown after appearing on her season of The Bachelorette. Those lingering feelings are clearly seen at the beginning of this season when he asked Brown to stay. And on top of all that, he broke up with his long-time girlfriend allegedly to come on Brown’s season. Whether it was for that reason or not, the fact still remains that he was in two very serious relationships before signing on for The Bachelor

Weber is boring, uninteresting, or overproduced to some fans

For other fans, it’s the fact that his season is just uninteresting. “Peter is the first bachelor I couldn’t see myself falling for EVEN in the Bachelor Bubble,” Reddit user u/mattenat commented. “I keep watching and listening to him and thinking how annoyed or over him I’d be in the house.”

Another complaint is that Weber and the producers are staging too many things, or situations seem unnatural. “There’s so much drama it’s on the verge of looking fake,” one Reddit user said. “How can the producers push the idea that ‘the process works’ while simultaneously sabotaging the process at every turn?”

Weber is enabling the drama

Lastly, bringing it all back to the drama, some fans don’t like how Weber is handling the women’s issues in the house. Twitter user @marasantanaaa wrote, “Peter is the first Bachelor to be a contestant in his own season. Letting all the women call the shots he’s probably going to end up with whoever they decide.”

For one, he did allower Alayah to come back on the show and even gave her a rose after he sent her home the week before. He then allowed himself to be swayed again and sent her home. Not to mention he stirred the pot himself when he asked Sydney to out who she was referring to when she expressed her concerns in private to him. Another instance where Weber ruffled the women’s feathers was when he gave Kelsey a rose outside of a group date or one-on-one. He knew she had to go back to the house and explain the situation to the girls. Plus, he canceled the cocktail party that night because of it, which really set some women off. 

Deandra Kanu, who was sent home at the beginning of the Feb. 3 episode, went on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and said she was furious about getting the boot. She also thought that she thought Weber rewarded bad behavior. “Hey, you are on this journey to find the woman who is for you. Why are we spending so much of this time on the same six girls trying to figure out about one girl’s drama, or like two girls’ drama?” she said. “Let’s say screw the drama for a second. Let me get to know these other girls. It was almost like he was rewarding the drama.”

Whatever bone you have to pick with him, Weber’s own contestants are fed up. Will Weber get better as the season goes on? Even though we’re halfway through, it’s possible.