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Jennifer Lopez is a world-renowned superstar who is famous for doing it all – from dancing in sky-high heels to singing her hit songs. Lopez has been in the entertainment industry for the better part of two decades and is still killing the game.

Most recently, Lopez performed during the Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show, and while her performance was noteworthy for many reasons, lots of fans couldn’t get enough of her glowy, sultry beauty look.

Recently, Lopez’s makeup artist opened up about how he prepped Lopez’s face for the big day and the reasons why it took a full 10 hours to get perfectly Super Bowl-ready.

Jennifer Lopez is known for her ‘glow’

Jennifer Lopez performs onstage
Jennifer Lopez | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ever since she first burst onto the scene in the mid-nineties, Jennifer Lopez has been making waves with her undeniable beauty and sense of style.

Although Lopez experimented with a lot of different looks early on in her career, she quickly found one particular beauty look that works particularly well for her and she’s been rocking it ever since. The J-Lo “glow” refers to the ethereal way that her skin seems to glow from within, no matter what the season might be.

For her signature glowy beauty look, Lopez favors lots of bronzer, highlighter, and cream-based products that enhance her skin. Many different celebrity makeup artists have offered up tutorials to eager fans who want to replicate Lopez’s glow, with most of them recommending that fans perfect their skin prior to using any products.

Still, although many fans and celebrities have tried to pull off their own version of Lopez’s look, there’s little doubt that she is the master of the sunkissed “glow.”

What inspired Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist?

For her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, fans expected that Lopez would step on stage rocking a version of her signature beauty look. Still, she shocked everyone when she stepped out wearing a bold smoky eye that accented her sparkly costume and highlighted hair.

Although her look might have looked relatively effortless, as Lopez’s makeup artist recently revealed, it was an all-day prep job.

Scott Barnes, who has been working with Jennifer Lopez for years, opened up, stating that getting his client ready for her performance was a labor-intensive task that started at 10 a.m. that morning.

Barnes admitted that he looked to nineties-era supermodels for the inspiration behind her Halftime Show look, makeup that would look stunning with the glittery leather outfits that would be so central to the performance. 

What products did Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist use?

Barnes revealed that he arrived at Lopez’s house around 10:30 am on the morning of the Super Bowl, and worked on her makeup sporadically throughout the day, as Lopez did other prep work for her big moment.

According to Barnes: “She was doing some rehearsing, we were doing fittings, and then nails started, and hair, and then makeup. But I didn’t finish it yet, so I left the house around 3 p.m. with a police escort.”

Barnes went back to doing her makeup around 4:30 p.m. and worked through until 5:30 p.m., at which point Lopez was ready to start doing run-throughs for the show.

As for what products he used on Lopez for the Halftime Show performance, Barnes revealed that he favored products from Marc Jacobs, including Marc Jacobs bronzer and a Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner that he claims “saved his life” and made Lopez’s smoky eye perfectly bold.

Barnes also used some products from his own line, including lip glosses and a highlighter kit that he claims is “glowy and showy.”

Certainly, the work that Barnes put in made Lopez’s beauty look for the Halftime Show truly iconic.

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