Why MCU Fans Are Convinced ‘Helstrom’ Will Fail

It might seem that ABC’s Agents of SHIELD is the true grand finale of Marvel’s TV show franchise. Now in its final stretch, the show is about to go out on a high note. However, what might surprise a few fans is one more Marvel show will air before they close the TV book.

With all the Disney+ Marvel shows now delayed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), it leaves behind scraps for Marvel to dole out. The only thing left is Helstrom on Hulu, delayed slightly in production due to coronavirus (COVID-19), yet soon dumped in one shebang this October 16.

Fans are more than sure this is the kiss of death for this show, even if it may surprise.

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What more are fans saying about the prospects for ‘Helstrom’?

No better barometer exists for public opinion than Reddit. Over there, fans are already discussing the news about Hulu offering all 10 episodes of Helstrom in October. For those unaware of what this series is about, it essentially brings horror to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The plot involves a brother and sister team (Daimon and Ana Helstrom–played by Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon, respectively) who happen to be the children of a serial killer. As adults, they turn into superheroes and hunt down “the worst of humanity.”

Those familiar with the comic book version of these characters will know the sister’s name was originally named Satana, but shortened for the Hulu series. For the comics, the story was essentially about the spawn of Satan, giving a supernatural element Marvel occasionally explored.

Now with the TV series, it capitalizes on all other myriad shows about the supernatural, perhaps looking a bit derivative in the process. Response from the above Reddit fan community is about as skeptical as you can expect.

Most fans think Marvel has low expectations for ‘Helstrom’

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Considering Hulu is dumping the entire load of episodes this October (just before Halloween) seems to suggest they just want to offload it in a hurry. Said one Reddit user: “Well, considering this was the last show done by Marvel TV and their dumping all episodes at once shows there is very little care for Helstrom.”

Another user said: “It had already started filming when Marvel Television was absorbed into Marvel Studios (and finished just as the pandemic shut down pretty much all film and television production), so I think they just decided to let it finish. It probably won’t get a second season.”

Others noted the show has absolutely no marketing or hype associated with it as Marvel tends to do with their other projects. Yet others wondered the big question: What if the show is actually good?

One thing everyone is learning now is the final season of Agents of SHIELD is very, very good, perhaps their best since its early days. They decided to go into the time-travel realms like Endgame did. Helstrom may have a few clever things up their sleeve as well, including connecting more solidly with the MCU, according to Screenrant.

No matter what, ‘Helstrom’ would likely not get a second season

Perhaps Marvel already predicts what the response will be to Helstrom, hence wanting to earn it a quick death. Then again, since rumors are popping the show would have some compelling connections to the MCU, it could build a bridge (and bring more anticipation) for upcoming Marvel fare.

Whether the show really will connect is being kept secret for now. More will likely be revealed when it becomes a topic discussed at the Comic-Con at Home panel on July 24.

If ultimately a standalone series, it might end up gaining cult status as a few other past Marvel shows have. Over time, that could prove a problem if the MCU keeps insisting their Marvel TV products are non-canon.