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There’s no doubt about it, Naomi Campbell remains one of the most iconic models ever to walk the runway. She first became famous in the nineties, well-known for her super-long legs and fierce walk.

Campbell has since become a staple in pop culture, and even at the age of fifty, she is still one of the most beautiful faces in the fashion industry. Her sensational looks don’t just have to do with genetics: Campbell works hard to stay fit and healthy, although, as she recently revealed, one of her biggest beauty tips is slightly fanciful. 

Naomi Campbell’s journey to becoming a model

Campbell was born in London in 1970. Raised primarily by her mother, Campbell spent most of her childhood in Rome, where her mother worked as a dancer.

It was due to her mother’s profession that Campbell first became involved in the dance business, studying ballet as well as other forms of dance. Campbell started appearing in music videos when she was just seven years old and the industry quickly took notice — by the age of fifteen, she had been signed as a model. 

Campbell’s first major modeling gig was shooting the cover of British Elle, and that was quickly followed by other prestigious modeling jobs. In fact, by the late eighties, Campbell had worked with most of the industry’s major fashion houses.

When the nineties arrived, Campbell was one of the most famous models in the world, standing alongside the likes of Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Her fame has persisted through the years, and even though many of Campbell’s contemporaries have retired, or taken a big step back from the spotlight, Campbell has remained a hardworking model. 

Naomi Campbell’s best beauty secrets

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Campbell has never been shy about her love for luxury and for good quality skincare and beauty products. As a model, she pays extra attention to the products that she uses and doesn’t miss an opportunity to share what works for her.

In 2016, Campbell opened up in an intimate interview, where she talked about a few of her favorite things, including the products that she can’t live without.

Campbell admitted that, for her, beauty starts from the inside, and she tries to always drink a lot of water and tries to practice balance with what she eats. She tends to avoid sugar and likes to drink juice in order to “rebalance.”

When it comes to skincare and beauty, she is an aficionado of “mini products” and can rarely be caught without good makeup remover and eye applicators. Campbell also stated that she really loves wellness products “that make you feel good and are researched and healthy.”

Why does Naomi Campbell wear lipstick at the gym?


Naomi Campbell’s Diet Secret Is Eating One Meal a Day

Most of Campbell’s lifestyle and beauty tips make perfect sense. However, one of her big beauty secrets is something that the model admitted to doing purely for self-esteem purposes.

Recently, she revealed that she has been relying on the restorative powers of makeup to help keep her spirits up during the COVID-19 quarantine. Campbell stated: “I wear lipstick every day. I wear lipstick or one of the lip pencils, every single day. It makes me feel good about myself and even for a workout I’m wearing it.” 

As to why she relies on lipstick, in particular, Campbell admitted: “It’s good for self-esteem. We all need to look for anything that makes us feel good during this time.”

While Campbell likely won’t be taking part in any cover shoots for the foreseeable future, it is good to know that the legendary model is still able to keep her spirits high during a particularly trying time.