Why Did Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz Break Up?

When it comes to Nicole Kidman’s relationships, most people are familiar with her past romance with Tom Cruise and her current marriage to Keith Urban. While some might think these are the only relationships she’s been in over the years, she actually had a romance with rock star Lenny Kravitz, whom she was engaged to back in the 2000s.

Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman backstage at the 2016 Hollywood Film Awards
Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman began a secret relationship with Lenny Kravitz after her divorce from Tom Cruise

A year following her highly-publicized split from actor Tom Cruise in 2001, Nicole Kidman began dating musician Lenny Kravitz, according to InStyle. At the time, the singer was Kidman’s landlord, which seems to be how the pair first met.

It’s unclear when exactly the two started dating, seeing as they kept their relationship under wraps and out of the public eye. Though much isn’t known about their romance, it seems that the celebrities were pretty serious about each other.

In 2017, Kravitz’s daughter (and Kidman’s Big Little Lies co-star) Zoë Kravitz revealed that the Australian actor had lived with them for some time when she was younger.

“I hadn’t seen her in a long time before Big Little Lies, but there was a point where we were all kind of living together,” Zoë told The Edit, per Entertainment Tonight. “I was about 13, and she would take me to see movies; she was so nice to me.”

While living together is a pretty big step in a relationship, it turns out that that wasn’t the extent of Kidman and Kravitz’s romance.

During an interview with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, Kidman (perhaps unknowingly) revealed that she and Kravitz were once engaged while touching upon her history with his daughter.

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“I knew Zoë because I was engaged to her father,” she said, according to Vanity Fair.

Talk about the surprise of the century.

Why did Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz break up?

Like many celebrity relationships, Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz’s romance didn’t last.

The couple called it quits a few years after they started dating. Before we even knew they were engaged, Kidman opened up about her break up from the “Fly Away” singer while speaking to Vanity Fair in 2013, sharing that their engagement “just wasn’t right.”

“I didn’t really want a relationship. I just wanted my kids to have me, and I didn’t feel comfortable having some person in that small hubbub. And then I got engaged to somebody … but it just wasn’t right,” she said. “I wasn’t ready. We weren’t ready.”

Nicole Kidman still loves her ex-fiancé

Despite the spark between them fizzling out, Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz never stopped loving each other.

To this day, the two remain on excellent terms. Not only have they continued to support each other in their careers, but both have also had glowing things to say about the other over the years.

Lenny Kravitz posing with Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban backstage at the 2013 CMT Music Awards
Lenny Kravitz, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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During her interview with The Edit in 2017, Kidman gushed about her ex, whom she called “family.”

“I love Lenny; he’s a great guy,” she said.

Months later, Kravitz told Mr. Porter’s The Journal, “Nicole is amazing. Zoe and she hadn’t spent time together since she was younger, since Nicole and I were together, so that was great.”

Even though their romance didn’t stand the test of time, one great thing did come out of Kidman and Kravitz’s time together: a lasting friendship.