Why ‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’ Star Lexi Tatman Is Not Returning

MTV continues its reigns of documenting the lives of young mothers. Their hit shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom have been on for over a decade, showing the difficulties teenage mothers face. When the network added another spin-off, Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant, viewers got more insight into the realities of teenage motherhood.

The show is set to premiere its newest season this month. One of the stars of the show, Lexi Tatman, has been praised for her maturity and mothering skills. Fans are questioning why Lexi is not included in the upcoming season

Lexi Tatman on ‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’

Viewers fell in love with Lexi Tatman when Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant debuted in 2018. The show was a spin-off of the MTV shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom series and depicted young girls ages 17-21 on their journeys to becoming first-time moms. 

Lexi lived in a small town with her mom, younger brother, and stepfather. She became pregnant by her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Kyler, going into her junior year of high school. Kyler struggled with coming to terms with becoming a father at a young age and found it difficult to commit to Lexi while they prepared for the birth of their son, Tobias.

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Though she dealt with criticism for her teenage pregnancy from people in her town, Lexi was applauded for being the most mature and level headed out of the cast. While the other expectant mothers having a harder time juggling motherhood while trying to enjoy a social life, she opted for family time. 

Why Lexi isn’t on the new season of ‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’

The trailers for the new season of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant features two new girls and few of the mothers from the previous season. Fans questioned whether or not Lexi would appear on this season as she was noticeably absent from the promos.

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While fans were upset, the news wasn’t much of a shock as others chimed in on social media regarding old reports that revealed Lexi had been fired from the cast. In Touch Weekly reported in January 2019 that Lexi was let go from the show because producers deemed her “boring” and not having an “interesting enough” story.

The other moms experienced a lot more drama than Lexi, with some dealing with partners and family members suffering from drug addiction and others dealing with domestic violence within their relationships. While Lexi did have trouble in her relationship with Kyler, which included a break up at one point, her life appeared more stable than others. With the exception of her issues with Kyler and her parent’s disproval of their relationship, she appeared to have a successful balance of taking care of her son. 

What’s Lexi doing now?

Lexi won’t be on the show this season but she has kept fans updated via her social media accounts. She and Kyler are still together and they recently welcomed their second child. 

Lexi took to Instagram in August 2019 and announced that she was now a mother of two. “Jay Wolfe 8/26/19 19 in. 7 LBS 1oz,” she captioned the photo. Her pregnancy was not documented on her Instagram account and she explained she preferred to keep it private in a later post on her Twitter page.

Fans can keep up with Lexi on social media as she continues to share parts of her life. In the meantime, the new season of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant premieres on October 22 if viewers want to support it!