Why Tyler Posey Joined OnlyFans

Teen Wolf and Truth or Dare star Tyler Posey recently joined OnlyFans, following in his celebrity friend Bella Thorne’s footsteps. The actor is one of a few celebrities whose account on the subscription-based platform has garnered mixed results. 

Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey | Frazer Harrison / Staff

While some have jumped to praise Thorne and Posey for using their celebrity status to destigmatize sexual workers, others have deemed their actions selfish and misguided. They have been accused of taking away money from others more in need while also causing sustainability issues on the platform. Yet, why did Posey join OnlyFans; he evidently doesn’t need the extra cash? So, what led the teen heartthrob to make an account, and play the guitar in his birthday suit for all to see? 

Tyler Posey on what inspired him to sign up for an OnlyFans account

Tyler Posey sat down for an interview with SiriusXM to discuss joining OnlyFans, during which he revealed the motivation behind his decision. He cited Bella Thorne’s influence and their collaboration as one factor, as she has worked with him immensely on this project. 

The interviewer asked Posey if he made this choice to take a “meta look” at something, or merely to create an outlet to communicate with his fans directly. He said:

It’s definitely both. I love my fans, and I love keeping in contact with them. I try to respond to as many as I can on my Instagram posts.

I know the foundation of what OnlyFans was built on, but I don’t want to take anything away from the people who are using that for their career and their livelihood. And, so we are doing something really, really, really creative. And, I’m an actor, and a creative soul at heart. 

Tyler Posey / SiriusXM

Tyler Posey explains that he and Bella Thorne’s approach to OnlyFans has been guided with creative intentions; he is an actor who is using OnlyFans to reach viewers in a new way. 

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Tyler Posey on his OnlyFans ‘episodes’

The Teen Wolf star went on to explain how they approach the platform, stating: 

We’re doing like these episodes and stuff, and they’re super creative and super fun. And, they kind of give like a different, not a different insight, but it shows who I am. It’s just another avenue that I can further my creativity. And, it really is that. It’s so much fun, the stuff that we’re doing on there….

Tyler Posey / SiriusXM

Tyler Posey goes on to reiterate that he doesn’t want to take “anything away from people” who make a livelihood via OnlyFans. He notes that Thorne is “exercising her directorial muscle,” and the two are using OnlyFans as another “avenue” to “express” their artistry.