Why Tyrese’s Estranged Wife, Samantha Gibson, Advises Against Dating a Celebrity

Tyrese is allegedly moving on since splitting from his wife last year after hitting a rough patch in their relationship. The Fast and Furious star is in the midst of an impending divorce, leaving his estranged wife to speak out on what she learned. Apparently, the first thing she learned is that dating a celebrity is not all that it’s cracked up to be. She advises other women to proceed with caution.

Samantha Lee Gibson and Tyrese
Samantha Gibson and Tyrese | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Tyrese and Samantha Gibson announce their split

Tyrese and Gibson married in a private ceremony on Valentine’s Day 2017. The couple are parents to a young daughter and together, they also raised Tyrese’s daughter from a previous relationship. 

Tyrese announced he and Gibson’s split in a length Instagram post. The singer spoke of an “attack on Black families” in the midst of a difficult 2020 and how his marriage did not survive. 

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But according to TMZ, Gibson filed divorce documents three months prior to Tyrese’s social media rant. In the divorce documents, Tyrese alleges the split is due to a verbal spat that resulted in Gibson threatening to call the police. He claims he flew home from a movie set in August 2020 and was confronted by Gibson, beginning a tense three-hour conversation.

The Baby Boy star says he left their home in an Uber because he feared police interaction due to “multiple public incidents involving police brutality and racially motivated killings of unarmed African American people.”

Samantha Gibson says celebrity men have too many options; advises against dating a celebrity

Gibson’s experience with Tyrese was overwhelming enough for her to not want to date another celebrity. Additionally, she advised her social media fans the same, explaining during an Instagram live that too many celebrities have too many vying for their attention and it’s easy for them to throw in the towel.

“I think a lot of women want a certain type of notoriety being with a certain guy,” she said. “That’s not where your worth comes from, that’s not where your validation comes from. Your validation comes from God and God alone. It doesn’t matter who you’re with. I’m not saying these guys are bad. But these are self-made men. There’s a lot of women that want these men. At the end of the day, these men are accustomed to getting their way. And because there’s a lot more that women that want them, they’re able to pick and choose and able to do whatever.”

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Gibson further explained that celebrity men are stubborn and set in their ways, which she says transcends into their relationships because they have so many yes men around them.

“As women we value security, we value being with a man that’s able to provide and protect us,” she said. “And provide the security that men should. The men that can do it on a higher level, feel like I have way more options. And because I have way more options, the boundaries and the compromise and the working together—I find that if a man’s in the limelight, it’s very rare to find one that’s like, ‘I’m going to work for this relationship. This is what I want. And I’m gung ho about being with one person.’”

Gibson and Tyrese’s divorce is not yet final but Tyrese has already allegedly moved on. He was recently spotted with a woman named Zele Timothy.