Will Amazon Prime’s Kate Beckinsale Film ‘Jolt’ Get a Sequel?

Kate Beckinsale’s new film Jolt has left many fans wondering if there will be a sequel. The new movie premiered on Amazon Prime and was directed by Tanya Wexler. It has been generally well-received with a 5.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Kate Beckinsale smiling in front of a blurred orange and white background
Kate Beckinsale | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The last few moments of the movie seem to leave plenty of room for a sequel. Even though there is no official word on the subject, fans are speculating about the possibility of a Jolt 2. Let’s take a look at what the movie is about and why there may be a sequel in the future.

A synopsis of the movie

The movie Jolt features Beckinsale‘s character, Lindy, who is prone to outbreaks of murderous rage. To quench her thirst for blood, she uses a device in which she shocks herself. After overcoming this issue, she finally starts to fall in love with someone who is murdered. Seeking revenge, she quickly becomes the prime suspect and is pursued by the police. 

In the final moments of the film, she is visited by a character who has no name in her apartment. She tells Lindy that she can help channel her rage and make her into a vigilante of sorts. Seemingly, she will dish out justice to those who she deems to have slipped through the cracks.

Setting the stage for the sequel

The ending of the movie certainly leaves a lot to the imagination. The unnamed character that pitches the idea will likely take on a sort of leadership role in the sequel, sort of playing the Charlie to her Charlie’s Angels. 

One likely scenario is that the unnamed character would deem that certain people are escaping justice and that she can use Lindy as a tool of sorts to balance the scales of justice. In addition, Beckinsale has already said she would be interested in the sequel. In her interview with Screen Rant, she said:

“I actually would like to see more. I do think there’s a slightly open gap for sassy, funny, irreverent, flawed female action. I love the fact that there’s way more action heroines in the space now, but I do think that we just need to nudge up our action-comedy closure. I think it’s great that she’s funny, and I like that she talks back. I like seeing women that talk back, so I’m ready. I would do another.”

Some heroines are just not meant to be perfect.

Beckinsale’s character Lindy is deeply flawed, but perhaps that’s what makes her so lovable. Not all heroines are meant to be a perfect reflection of ourselves. For instance, Deadpool features a loveable yet flawed Wade, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is equal parts hilarious and tragic. Perhaps the writer meant to give the world a version of this type of character from a female perspective. 

Whatever the intent, the character is a refreshing change from the perfection and do-gooder deeds of the likes of Wonderwoman. Indeed, it seems that the film industry is embracing tragic heroines, such as Disney’s foray into villain backstories such as those featuring Cruella De Vil and Maleficent. 

Jolt is definitely falling in line with recent film industry trends featuring female action leads. Depending on how audiences respond to the movie, they will determine if there will be a sequel or not. But it seems that the writer, Scott Wascha, built into the script the exact right ending to leave the possibilities open. And with Kate Beckinsale already on board, the script may soon see the light of day.

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