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Does Kate Beckinsale Know How to Drive?

Some stars spend their fortunes on exotic and high-profile cars. There’s something about driving yourself around Hollywood in a Lamborghini that implies you’ve made it as a celebrity. But for some A-listers, driving just isn’t their thing. In fact, many don’t hold a valid driver’s license or even know how to drive. When it comes …

Who Is Kate Beckinsale’s New Boyfriend Goody Grace?

Kate Beckinsale is a beautiful English actress, well-known for her work in a wide variety of films, from science fiction to classic British drama. In spite of her evident talent, Beckinsale has become better known in recent years for her high-profile relationships. In early 2019, Beckinsale really got the rumor mill churning when she stepped …

Kate Beckinsale’s New Boyfriend is Linked to Her Ex Pete Davidson

Social media and headlines are constantly updating the world on the relationship statuses of their favorite celebrities. More often than not, paparazzi is the one to announce or break the news of a new celebrity relationship. Sometimes, this can lead to rumors and false stories, but sometimes it can lead to couples who were in …