Will Ashton Kutcher be Part of the ‘Punk’d’ Reboot With Chance the Rapper?

These days, Ashton Kutcher is a tech investor and entrepreneur, rather than a full-time actor. Still, most people know Kutcher best for his work in television and film, including the popular comedy series That ’70s Show and movies such as Just Married and The Butterfly Effect.

Kutcher became famous for his goofy, outgoing persona, which was perfectly represented on the groundbreaking MTV show Punk’d. For years, Kutcher hosted the hidden-camera reality series, welcoming big-name celebrity guests and surprising viewers with the hilarious pranks.

With the news that Quibi is reviving the smash hit show, many fans are wondering if Kutcher could return in some capacity.

Ashton Kutcher made history on ‘Punk’d’

Ashton Kutcher speaks onstage
Ashton Kutcher | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for WeWork

Ashton Kutcher was born in Iowa in 1978. He began his career as a model, traveling the world before settling in Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. It didn’t take long for producers to recognize Kutcher’s talent, and he was cast on That ’70s Show in 1998.

The series made Kutcher a star and provided him with the chance to go after other career opportunities, including starring in comedies like Just Married and Dude, Where’s My Car?

In 2003, Kutcher began hosting the brand-new MTV show Punk’d. The show was a hidden camera reality series that focused on pranking high-profile celebrities like Justin Timberlake. Punk’d featured a wide variety of pranks, from interviews that didn’t go quite as planned to elaborate stunts involving many props and actors.

Viewers loved the show and regularly tuned in for nearly four years, until the show ended in 2007. Kutcher went on to other acting projects and to invest in a wide variety of startups and businesses. 

Chance the Rapper is hosting the ‘Punk’d’ reboot

Although Ashton Kutcher moved on, MTV didn’t want to let go of the popular show. The network brought Punk’d back for a reboot in 2012, but it only lasted for a few episodes. It was revived again in 2015, but again, it only lasted for a few episodes.

For viewers, it seemed as though Punk’d might finally be dead in the water — at least, until 2019, when it was announced that the iconic show would be coming back once again.

The latest Punk’d reboot features Chance the Rapper as the host, and debuted on the streaming platform Quibi earlier in the spring of 2020. The show is available exclusively on Quibi, and has been getting rave reviews from critics and fans.

Chance the Rapper‘s charm and sense of humor lends itself perfectly to the prank show — but some old-school fans of the original Punk’d are wondering whether the original host himself could ever make a comeback. 

Will Ashton Kutcher be a guest star on the ‘Punk’d’ reboot?

As soon as the news was revealed that Punk’d would be returning, fans began clamoring for news about Ashton Kutcher, and whether the onetime host would return for a cameo or guest host spot.

Speculation sadly didn’t last long, and in June 2019, Kutcher spoke out about the reboot. “I have nothing to do with the new punk’d situation,” Kutcher tweeted to his followers. “Hope they get it right.”

Even though he isn’t attached to the show in any way, it is clear from Kutcher’s tweets that he still cares about the show and probably holds the memories of his stint on the original Punk’d close to his heart. Quibi hasn’t announced anything regarding further seasons of the show, but it seems likely that the year 2021 will hold some more Punk’d madness.