Will Blade Fight Sony’s Morbius in the MCU?

With all the allusions made to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Sony’s Morbius trailer, one fact has become concrete: the Sony Spider-Verse and the MCU are (to some extent) in conversation. 

Blade MCU
‘Blade’ and The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four is announced | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Sony was unable to use a picture of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man on the wall (as this must have been too close for comfort in Kevin Feige’s eyes), Michael Keaton from Spider-Man: Homecoming is back As Adrian Toomes / Vulture to wreak some new havoc. And, the movie will likely reference Spider-Man, while avoiding conversing about the other Avengers (unless utterly necessary). 

Considering Sony and Marvel are in a good place — winking at one another as they rake in money for their respective Spidey ventures — connecting future MCU characters to Sony Spider-Man characters does not seem unlikely. And, with Morbius coming to theaters and Mahershala Ali set to play Blade, one obvious possibility is looming in the air. Not to mention, a recent leak from Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton suggests that the two may come to share the screen at some point down the line.

Why Blade and Morbius should appear in a movie together 

Mahershala Ali will portray Blade in the MCU; however, whether he will enter via the Disney streaming service or a standalone installment remains unknown. While the production has not yet been identified as a movie or show, rumors initially pointed towards a show; meaning, the character could receive a series introduction, laying the foundation for an MCU appearance in a mash-up. 

If Blade appears in a mash-up, and Sony and the MCU decide to extend their relationship even further, fans may just receive Jared Leto and Mahershala Ali go head-to-head. Why? It’s quite simple. Blade is a vampire hunter and Morbius is a vampire. However, Morbius often finds himself torn between his monstrous and human natures — divided in a Jekyll and Hyde type fashion. 

Considering Morbius is usually depicted as an internally conflicted character, he is unlikely to be a complete villain with solely villainous motivations; meaning, the MCU could also go for a bizarre partnership between the two. 

Is ‘Midnight Sons’ coming to the MCU?

According to Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton, Kevin Feige has some big plans when it comes to Blade and Morbius. If the situation works out — and both Sony and Marvel find a way to come out on top — the two may appear on the screen together. Sutton stated:

…Sony’s MCU kisses in Morbius has another goal:  They want Morbius meeting Blade for a Midnight Sons film. This will be dependent on how well Morbius does. No negotiations have commenced yet. But Morbius could possibly Civil War his way into Midnight Sons against Mephisto and his demonic hordes…of Marvel Zombies.

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The Midnight Sons are a group of supernatural superheroes who appeared in the Marvel comics; the group includes Hellstorm, Jennifer Kale, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and more. Whether this movie will ever premiere remains anybody’s guess, but seeing these two on-screen together would be easy enough to pull off, narratively speaking.