Will the ‘Blade’ Reboot Be an MCU Movie or Disney+ Show: Will It Be Rated R?

While two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali will portray the title character in Marvel’s Blade reboot, the production will, unfortunately, not be a part of Phase 4. Yet, with the most important character cast, it’s likely that the writers and all others involved will be ready to roll this out come Phase 5.

Blade MCU Marvel
‘Blade’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four is announced | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Will the highly-anticipated Blade reboot — announced during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con — be an MCU film or Disney+ show? Will the Oscar winner make his way to the small-screen before venturing into the filmic landscape, or is the Daywalker set to make a cinematic appearance from the get-go? 

What we know about the ‘Blade’ reboot so far 

As DigitalTrends notes, the Blade reboot has yet to be confirmed as a movie or a TV show; however, with the massive budgets going to Marvel Disney+ installments, both outlets will provide a cinematic-level experience, so it’s a matter of whether fans receive a multi-episode arc or two-hour (and some change) film. 

Blade is not present on the Phase 4 timeline photo, so it’s likely that the production will come as part of Phase 5. As for the story, let’s look towards the comics to see where Kevin Feige and Co. will pull narratives and themes from. In the comics, Blade makes his debut in the horror series The Tomb of Dracula as part of the 1973 issue. He possesses the genetic traits of a vampire because his mother was attacked by one while giving birth. 

The character goes on to become one of Marvel’s primary heroes in its occult sector. Yet, the comics and the former cinematic takes were both quite dark in nature, leading to an R-rating when the movie starring Welsey Snipes came to the silver screen. So, will Disney follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and create an equally dark and harrowing experience — one quite graphic in nature? Or, will the studio tame it down a bit? Will the studio go for a PG-13 rating to attract one of its largest demographics — the youth? 

If those behind the ‘Blade’ reboot want an R-rating, the remake will have to be a movie 

As USAToday explains, Disney+ will not house any content that doesn’t fall under the family-friendly umbrella. The platform will not show films that are R-rated; meaning, unless Mahershala Ali’s take on Blade goes for the silver screen, this production will be slapped with a PG-13 rating, which will likely catalyze a great deal of contestation from the franchise’s existing fanbase. 

Blade — in and of itself — warrants an R-rating. To exist in its most honest form, the production cannot be rated PG-13, as the darkness and the macabre aspects make the franchise what it is. Thus, if Disney wants to make Blade, they should consider going in the same route that they will allegedly go in with Deadpool, and make Blade a movie for more mature audiences. Yet, all remains to be seen.