Will Katy Perry Ever Return to ‘The Voice’?

Music competition shows have been one of the biggest draws on television for years, ever since American Idol made its debut in 2002. As much as people love seeing contestants battle it out for the possibility of superstardom, they also love seeing the interplay between the celebrity judges that are in charge of selecting and mentoring the show’s contestants. Judges are normally selected from some of the hottest acts in music, and acting as a judge, coach, or mentor is now considered a badge of honor in show business. One of the newest players in the world of reality show judge is Katy Perry, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer that has made her mark in pop culture as bold, daring, and innovative.

What show does Katy Perry help judge?

In 2018, American Idol was in the headlines more than it had been for years. After big shakeups on the judging panel and a debate over whether or not audiences would still tune into the show, the revival season debuted in March 2018. The judging panel was an all-new lineup of top stars, including country singer Luke Bryan, soul legend Lionel Richie, and pop star Katy Perry.

Prior to Perry’s official attachment to the show, her salary demands had caused considerable debate among the show’s top brass. The singer reportedly demanded an unprecedented $25 million salary in return for appearing on the show. Naturally, the staggering salary gave executives pause, and they had to weigh the cost of the huge salary against the odds that Perry’s appearance on the show would bring in a whole new range of viewers. 

The gamble seems to have paid off for American Idol, however – Perry was a hit in her role as a judge, after some initial backlash from viewers, and is set to return for the seventeenth season in 2019. Not only that, but Perry’s appearance on Idol seems to have raised the bar in terms of the level of celebrity talent expected on all such shows across the board. The Voice, which, next to Idol, is likely the most popular music competition show, is introducing superstar John Legend to their judging lineup for the next season, and executives seem to realize that if they want viewers to turn out, they need to offer celebrity superpower.

Will Katy Perry appear on ‘The Voice’?

With her credentials as a reality show judge firmly in place, could Katy Perry be expanding her talents to other shows? One of the hallmarks that makes The Voice such a popular show is the element of surprise “coaches,” who work with the contestants on behalf of the judges who’s team they are on. In past years, superstars such as Brad Paisley, Meghan Trainor, Bette Midler, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, and Reba McEntire have appeared on the show.

It is quite likely that the latest season of The Voice could feature Katy Perry as a coach or even as a celebrity performer. The superstar has more than proven her ability to work one-on-one with contestants, and of course, is well known for her tendency to put on an entertaining show. The guests are often surprises, so viewers likely won’t even know about Perry’s guest spot until the night of, but if she is given a recurring coach role, it could give viewers an extra incentive to tune in every week in hopes of catching more of Perry’s charm and humor.

Fans of Katy Perry can watch her on American Idol when the seventeenth season debuts on March 3rd, 2019. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Katy Perry, and where you can see the multi-talented singer next!