Will Maine Cabin Masters Be Part of Magnolia Network?

Wind whistling amidst the pines, moose splashing through a nearby lake, waves pounding a rocky shoreline… This is idyllic Maine, home to the beloved Maine Cabin Masters and the dilapidated cabins and deteriorating camps they restore. No wonder it has avoided being listed as one of the ‘most hated renovation shows.’ Viewers love this unique renovation show!

This popular show will hopefully transfer to the Magnolia Network when it replaces the former DIY Network. However, Chip and Joanna Gaines haven’t confirmed yet that this show will be a part of the Magnolia Network lineup.  Fans are undoubtedly awaiting that confirmation with bated breath.

Cast of Maine Cabin Masters in a field covered in snow
Maine Cabin Masters | DIY Network

Introducing the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’

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According to The Cinemaholic, the rugged crew of Maine Cabin Masters has been delighting viewers since the pilot episode aired on the DIY Network on February 23, 2016. After that successful showing, the series itself debuted on January 9th, 2017. Team leader and show creator Chase Morrill is joined by his sister Ashley and her husband Ryan Eldridge, Matt Dix (‘Dixie), and Jared Baker (‘Jedi’) as they restore rundown Maine retreats.

This close-knit and somewhat quirky team of Maine natives always gets the job done, but they aren’t afraid to have a little fun while they’re at it. That, along with their down to earth attitudes and rustic authenticity, are probably why viewers find them so appealing.

From the deepest woods to the remotest islands

The Cabin Masters have tackled a wide variety of projects. Some of them have proven themselves logistical nightmares for cast and crew because they are so inaccessible. Remember the island renovations? Besides remote locations and supply challenges, the intrepid crew often face equally dismal weather. 

In order to stay on time and within budget, the show tries to cluster four projects reasonably close together. According to an article in the Conway Daily Sun, the show hires additional workers so that there are four-man crews working on each of the four projects. This allows them to film 16 complete projects during just a six to eight-week period.

Cleaning up rustic cabins and restoring old camps is a dirty and sometimes dangerous job. There are often years worth of animal droppings to deal with, along with the occasional animal carcass. Rotted floors and falling ceiling beams are some other hazards these intrepid builders deal with on a regular basis. Fortunately, they have the skills and experience needed to restore even seriously neglected cabins. Not to mention the fortitude!

The ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ take pride in their work

Despite the challenges, the team has managed to transform an astounding array of treasured, yet often neglected, old buildings. Visit their DIY Network portfolio to see how they’ve restored dilapidated cabins, summer camps, island retreats, off-the-grid camps, seafood shacks, rustic hunting cabins, old army barracks, horse barns, A-frames, yurts, farmhouses, historic structures, and more.

Lest you think they only work on cabins, the Cabin Masters have also successfully tackled a brewery, pet sanctuary, ADA-compliant veterans event center, YMCA playground, and caboose. Their criteria for choosing a project includes a compelling backstory along with the need for a fairly major transformation. However, the building must also be salvageable within their limited time and budget constraints.

With more than fifty transformations finished so far, this industrious team of builders is slowly transforming Maine, one project at a time. We can hardly wait to see what future episodes may hold in store for them!

Will ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ be part of Magnolia Network?

There’s no official word yet on what projects the team will be working on if there is a Season 6, however it doesn’t seem likely. DIY Network will be rebranded as Magnolia Network, and Deadline did not report Maine Cabin Masters as part of the lineup. It has yet to be confirmed if the series will be moving over to Magnolia Network.

However, if the show does return, viewers can expect an eclectic mix of the most rundown cabins and camps (plus a few surprises) that Vacationland has to offer! Keep an eye on the new Magnolia Network for details.