Will Netflix’s ‘The One’ Get a Season 2?

Within days of its premiere, The One started trending as one of the top titles on Netflix. The drama ended with a few cliffhangers, leaving fans wondering if The One will get a season 2. Here’s what we know. 

Hannah Ware in Netflix's 'The One'
Hannah Ware in Netflix’s ‘The One’ | Robert Viglasky/Netflix

Netflix hasn’t renewed ‘The One’ yet

The One premiered on March 12, which means it’s too soon for Netflix  to determine whether or not the series is worth bringing back. Unlike broadcast networks, the streamer doesn’t usually reveal its ratings. But one can assume that viewership numbers and buzz play a role in their cancellation and renewal  decisions. 

Some Netflix shows — including Bridgerton, The Witcher, and The Umbrella Academy   — have been extremely popular, so it was a no surprise when they were renewed. However, other series like The OA and Lost In Space were cancelled despite their fan followings.

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The streamer usually reveals their renewal or cancellation decisions months after a show is released. So fans of The One can expect to hear news on a potential season 2 by the summer or fall of 2021.

‘The One’ is an adaptation of John Marrs’ book

The One is based on John Marrs’ 2018 novel of the same name. The book tells the story of five people, all impacted by a DNA match-making enterprise called The One. 

While the concepts are similar, the Netflix series does not closely follow the events of Marrs’ novel. It is centered around Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware), the CEO and scientist behind The One, who does whatever it takes, including blackmail and murder, to become successful. 

Considering the show is a departure from the book, it would not need any of Marrs’ source material for a second season. The series was written and directed by Howard Overman, who has yet to reveal any plans for season 2. 

One star hinted a season 2 could happen

The One ended with plenty of questions about Rebecca Webb and the people in her life. The finale ended with her getting away with murder, threatening Detective Kate Saunders (Zoe Tapper), selling her shares in the company, and revealing that people can have more than one match. 

The episode also left fans wondering how Kate feels about her match’s brother. And it showed Megan (Pallavi Sharda) sending Hannah’s (Lois Chimimba) hair strand into The One to get matched. When talking to Express.co.uk, The One star Zoe Tapper teased there is still more of these characters’ story to tell. 

“Obviously you’ve started to see the cracks forming, you see the cracks forming in the characters but you also see the cracks forming in the actual business model,” she said of Rebecca’s enterprise. “Because it’s had such a global effect, it’s as big as Facebook. People have taken this by storm, taken it on board, and it’s changed their lives.”

Tapper also hinted at what her character, Kate, might find herself dealing with if the show returns. “We’ve got Kate almost being a workaholic and so committed to her job, you start to see Sophia kind of just enjoying the spoils of having somebody look after and not really doing much doing the day,” she suggested. “I think that’s going to start grating on Kate eventually, and it’s going to cause problems.”

All eight episodes of The One are currently streaming on Netflix.