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Considering he’s a successful musician, movie star, husband and father, it makes sense to rely on Will Smith quotes about life. Smith frequently shares his motivations and inspirations in various interviews, so fans and aspiring followers can take note. One of Smith’s tactics is entirely accessible to everyone. 

Will Smith speaks at TechCrunch
Will Smith | Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch

Smith spoke about his philosophies about life at the press junket for I Am Legend in 2007. In the film, he plays the last surviving man in New York. Smith said he reads a lot in real life, and that’s where he got these ideas.

Will Smith quotes about life come from and are inspired by books

You don’t have to be the last man on Earth to read a lot. Smith said he’s a big reader and he looks for answers in books. 

“I’ve really gotten hooked into the amount of reading I can do,” Smith said. “How much can I read in one day? But I’m reading and connecting it to the application to my life. How can I take this and then apply it to my relationship? How can I apply it to educating my children? How can apply it to movies? How can I apply it to making the world better? So if that were removed, I cant even imagine what I would connect to by myself.”

Why Will Smith is inspiring

There are lots of movie stars and lots of music crossovers. Smith is inspiring not only for what he’s achieved, but for how he achieves it and spreads positivity. His humility led him to seek answers from those who came before him.

Will Smith quotes about life at the I Am Legend press conference
Will Smith | Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

There are millions and billions and trillions of people who have lived before us. They had problems and they solved them and then they wrote it down in a book somewhere. So there’s no new problem that we can have that we’ve gotta try to figure out by ourselves. There’s no relationship issue, there’s no issue with your parents or your brother or government, here’s no issue we can have that somebody didn’t already write the answer down a thousand years ago in a book. It’s bittersweet because you know its in a book somewhere but you’ve actually got to find the right one that is going to give you the proper information.

Will Smith, I Am Legend press conference, 2007

One other tip for life 

Reading is a lot but it isn’t everything for Smith. Fitness is the other component Smith uses to figure out life. 

“The running aspect, that is how you connect with your weakness,” Smith said. “When you get on a treadmill, you deprive yourself of oxygen. What kind of person you are is going to come out very, very quickly. You’re either the type of person that says you’re going to run three miles, and then you stop the treadmill at 2.94 or you get off after a mile. Or, you’re the type of person that runs hard through the finish line and when you get to three, you realise, ’God, I really could do five‘, and you go ahead and you do two more.”

Will Smith at the Aladdin premiere
Will Smith | Isa Foltin/WireImage

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Smith describes a sort of zen, meditative quality that comes in the last miles of a run.

“That little person starts talking to you,” Smith said. “‘Man, do you feel like me? We should stop. I think we should stop. No! I think we’re hurting ourselves right now. I don’t think this is healthy anymore.’ When you learn to get command over that person on a treadmill, it allows you to get command over that person in your life. To me, getting command of that person in my life has been really important.”