Will Smith’s First Job Was Anything But Glamorous

Will Smith is a talented singer and actor. Fans know and love him for his roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Independence Day. While he has starred in some flops, he is still doing well for himself. 

One fact that some people do not know is that Smith’s father worked with refrigerators. Before starting his career, the celebrity had a not so glamorous job with his dad. 

Will Smith’s life growing up

Smith was born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother worked on a school board, and his father owned a refrigeration company. Growing up, he lived a middle-class lifestyle, where he even attended a Catholic school. 

His neighborhood in West Philadelphia was a mixture of different cultures. Smith got to see various communities. In school, he was a good student and had a likable personality. At the age of 12, he got into rapping. 

Throughout his childhood, Smith believed he could be a better dad than his father, Willard Smith Sr. He knew the type of parent he did not want to be by the time he was 6 years old. While he loved his family, there were some major parenting flaws that he desired to correct. 

The actor described himself as a gentle kid. However, physical aggression tended to occur in his household. Smith did not want that for his family. Today, he is married and is a father of three. 

The start of Smith’s career

As a young child, Smith showed a natural talent for music, especially rapping. When he was a teenager, he met Jeff Townes. The two struck up a friendship and partnered up. They sang rap songs and started to tour. 

This marked the beginning of his music career, and in 1985, the duo recorded and released their first single. Smith began to earn fame as fans loved the fact that his raps contained no profanity. His songs topped the charts repeatedly. 

His acting career would not start until the 90s, and his first big role was on the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith was the leading role and played on his rapper persona.

The success of the show earned the actor more popularity. He would go on to become a rising star in Hollywood. 

He worked alongside his dad

Will Smith
Will Smith | THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images

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Before Smith became the renowned actor that he is today, he had a job that was anything but exciting. As mentioned before, his father worked with refrigerators. One of the facts that The Things lists is that Smith joined his dad in the refrigeration business during his teenage years. 

The actor helped his father install refrigerators in the client’s homes. The reason why Smith chose to do this was that he wanted to make some money. A lot of children help out with the family business, so it comes as no surprise that he chose this as his first job. 

While installing refrigerators made a decent amount of money, Smith realized he wanted to do other things in life. Eventually, he quit in order to pursue other passions. 

What is Will Smith currently doing?

Currently, Smith is still taking on movie roles. Recently, he has starred in films like Aladdin and Gemini Man. He also is filming for the movie King Richard, in which he will play Richard Williams.  

One franchise that fans know the actor for is Bad Boys. Bad Boys II came out 17 years ago, and Smith reprised his role earlier this year in Bad Boys for Life. He said the reason for such a long wait was because he did not want the sequel to be a cash grab. 

Bad Boys 4 got announced recently as well. Fans can look forward to another entry in the franchise.