Will the MCU Place Captain Marvel In Charge of Two Superhero Teams?

Captain Marvel’s presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — following Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ respective departures — will only grow as Phase 4 commences and Phase 5 brings about the character’s next standalone installment. 

Marvel President Kevin Feige even explained that the character will be a core piece of the puzzle moving forward, and fans have assumed she will come to lead the A-Force; however, that may not be the only superhero team the heroine comes to lead. 

Captain Marvel MCU
‘Captain Marvel’ Canadian Premiere | GP Images/Getty Images for Disney Studios

Based on current narrative projections in the MCU and leaks from Marvel insiders, another superhero team seems to be coming into formation: The Ultimates. So, let’s break down each group, where the Marvel landscape currently stands in achieving full-formation, and why Captain Marvel would lead both. 

Captain Marvel and the A-Force 

Looking at what’s on the horizon for Phase 4 and what Marvel accomplished in Phase 3, it is quite obvious that the all-female superhero team, the A-Force, is in its early stages. Captain Marvel has already received her standalone installment, and she has proved herself as a worthy combatant and leader. 

She-Hulk is coming to Disney+ and Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is soon to take the hammer from the God of Thunder, likely becoming the title hero in the Thor franchise moving forward.  

Considering female Loki will make an appearance in the Disney+ show — and Loki has always boasted a rollercoaster of a moral compass — anything is possible there. Furthermore, with rumors surrounding Michelle Jones — and a transformation into Spider-Woman — it seems that the A-Force is just a phase or so away. So, what about The Ultimates? 

Captain Marvel and The Ultimates 

We Got This Covered — relying on sources from HN Entertainment – reported a while back that Marvel Studios was considering introducing The Ultimates, specifically the contemporary version of the group. This version features Captain Marvel as the leader. So, which superheroes make up The Ultimates?

Captain Marvel, Black Panther, America Chavez (who is reportedly coming to the MCU via a Disney+ show), and Spectrum (who already appeared in Captain Marvel as a young Monica Rambeau) comprise the team. In the comics, Blue Marvel is also part of the team. However, considering many members are existing or rumored to be joining, such a leak doesn’t seem outlandish. 

On the financial side of things, placing Captain Marvel and Black Panther on the screen together — as part of one heroic group — would sure make a solid dollar at the box office. However, narratively speaking, it would be interesting to see the MCU balance Captain Marvel’s presence. Could she lead two teams with equal success, or would she have to pass responsibility onto others? And, if she has a second-in-command on one of the teams, who will she choose. 

Maybe, She-Hulk will be responsible for the A-Force when Captain Marvel cannot be, which would make sense as she-Hulk is the one to lead the A-Force in the comics (Marvel Studios could then pass the torch to She-Hulk when Brie Larson’s contract expires).