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While under Fox’s vision, the X-Men franchise was a male-dominated landscape. Professor X and Magneto led two divergent teams — the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants, respectively. Xavier fought for peace between humans and mutants, urging for non-physical conflict. Magneto’s vision was a bit less peace-driven; he urged mutants to claim their superiority — to use their powers to take hold of civilization, as he felt was the mutant right and calling. Not to mention, Wolverine popped up in nearly every movie, often in a leading role, and he boasted multiple standalone installments. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Ever since the Fox/Disney merger, theories surrounding the X-Men entrance into the MCU have been popping up in all corners of the internet. And, based on insider information, it looks like Kevin Feige will aim to highlight different mutants. He will reportedly bring several female members to the forefront, spotlighting significant players who didn’t receive their fair share of attention or praise under Fox. Three female mutants, in particular, will likely spearhead the X-Men narrative. 

1. Storm to take charge of the X-Men

Storm was a pivotal player in the X-Men franchise, yet her role as a leader was diminished. In the comics, Storm eventually heads Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters, and she later runs te Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. Xavier trusts her – as a leader and a confidante. And, in the MCU, fans may get to see Storm in all her glory. 

Rumor has it that Storm may join the landscape in Black Panther 2, which makes sense considering her and T’Challa’s comic book romance — one that led to quite powerful children. If Storm appears in this installment, she may come to be a unifying force: an individual responsible for bringing the Avengers and the X-Men together. She would lead in conflict and peace negotiations as the franchise progresses. 

2. Rogue to play baddie turned hero

Insider reports indicate that Rogue will join the MCU via Captain Marvel 2, as an adversary. As is the case in the comics, Rogue will reportedly start out as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. In other words, she will fight for the bad guys before a change of heart turns her into a member of the X-Men. Yet, Rogue will be a member of the Brotherhood, not the leader. As for the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rogue will presumably report up to her mother. 

3. Mystique to lead the Brotherhood of Mutants in the MCU

If Rogue is joining the MCU as an adversary, Marvel Studios will likely be following the comic book plot trajectory that includes a prophecy connecting Rogue, Mystique, and Captain Marvel. The prophecy shows Captain Marvel eliminating Rogue, leading Mystique to hunt down the person who may come to kill her daughter. Yet, Rogue finds out and decides to fend for herself.

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If Mystique and Rogue come to play soon, Mystiques’ Brotherhood (rather than Magneto’s) will likely come to fruition. Her team also includes Pyro, the Blob, Avalanche, and Destiny (the one who provides the prophecy). In short, the MCU may place Storm and the X-Men up against Mystique and the Brotherhood, replacing Professor X and Magneto’s roles in the franchise with two beloved female mutants.