Will This Character In ‘You’ Season 3 Out-Joe, Joe? And It’s Not Love

Thanks to social media, TV shows and events can blow up in the blink of an eye. And You on Netflix did just that. First starting off on Lifetime, the show was canceled due to ratings on the channel. However, Netflix took it over and once more people watched it there, it was all Twitter could talk about. Now an original for the streaming platform, Season 2 fascinated viewers just as much and introduced a whole new cast of characters. 

One particular newcomer — Will Bettelheim — proved to be a sleeper hit and fans now think he will have a bigger, more sinister role in Season 3. Spoilers for Season 2 of You ahead.

Joe Goldberg at the Quinn's vowel renewal, 'YOU.'
Joe Goldberg at the Quinn’s vowel renewal, ‘YOU’ | Beth Dubber/Netflix

Will was an interesting character

The very first person Will imprisoned in his infamous glass box this season was Will Bettelheim. This Will dabbled in a less-than-legal career of fake identities, documents, and online lies. Thanks to this, Joe stole his identity since it was ironclad in its supposed authenticity, and stored the man away in his storage unit while he used his credentials and name. 

Even though it was dramatic, of course, and an act of kidnapping, Will and Joe got to know each other better and Joe even went to the man for advice on his illegal endeavors in Los Angeles. It was a weird case of Stockholm Syndrome if you can call it that, and Joe eventually let him go with Will’s promise that he’d never tell anyone about Joe and his imprisonment. 

‘You’ might not be done with the original Will Bettelheim

Now, Reddit user u/HelpWheresMyDad posted a theory on the site and suggests Will wasn’t as loyal to Joe as viewers might have thought. “I have a feeling that Will is going to return from the Philippines in Season 3 and there will be a couple of episodes dedicated to exploring his Stockholm Syndrome,” they write. “He clearly is more attached to Joe than he should be.” They point out the last postcard Joe receives from Will in the final moments of the season. Will wrote, “Haven’t heard from you for a while. Everything okay?” Could this be a concerned friend in a twisted friendship? Or is he keeping tabs on Joe?

The Reddit user continued: “My theory is that Will returns in season 3 obsessed with Joe and becomes his stalker, maybe even in a copycat style with the plexiglass cage or something.” If Will is keeping his eyes on Joe, is it to get a confession out of him, and stake revenge for his previous capture? Or does he have a sick, twisted obsession with Joe, and wants to be his creepy friend?

Of course, none of that can be known quite yet. But fans do find the original Will to be an intriguing character, to say the least. And as another user, u/nikkicostello_, pointed out, he had a great arc so far. “i’m living for this theory!!” they wrote. “i think the OG will bettelheim has so much room for character development and i can’t wait to see how they’ll go about it.” It certainly is a new kind of character attached to Joe. 

If this comes true, he won’t be the only one Joe has to worry about

Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti in 'YOU.'
Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti in ‘YOU’ | Beth Dubber/Netflix

However, if Will does end up being an obsessive stalker out to turn the tables on Joe, he wouldn’t be the only one to do so. The end of Season 2 sprung the shocker that Love Quinn harbored a murderous secret (or two). Not only did she ruthlessly kill her and Forty’s nanny as a teen, but she also really wanted to stay with Joe. So much so, that she murdered Candace and Delilah too. 

Even though Joe and Love have a twisted understanding — they’d stay together for the baby, but both are seriously flawed — Joe doesn’t love Love like he once did. In fact, as soon as he found out she was a murderer, too, he almost immediately lost interest. That disdain is only going to grow, and Love does not seem like a person who handles that well (murderer, remember?). So who knows; maybe Joe will have two characters out to kill him behind his back.