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Thor: Ragnarok was unpredictable, largely unscripted, humorous, out of this world, and a far cry from the orthodox approaches inherent to most superhero films, especially considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s tried and true formula. And, if the MCU’s Ragnarok wasn’t enough to separate fans, Thor: Love and Thunder is destined to be even crazier. 

According to director Taika Waititi, the movie will “double down” on the craziness inherent to its predecessor, likely leaving fans with their heads tilted and their eyebrows raised. As Slashfilm notes, Waititi stated:

It’s going to be bigger and louder and more bombastic. It’s only interesting to me if we’re doubling down on how nuts Ragnarok was.

MCU Thor: Love and Thunder
‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

“Bigger, louder, and more bombastic” — Waititi’s carefully selected words. The question is — after Ragnarok, how can you get crazier? From Jeff Goldblum’s ingenious Grandmaster to the humorous and alcohol-addicted Valkyrie, where can Waititi go from here? How can he one-up his critically acclaimed, colorful cosmic adventure? For starters, a talking dog might do the trick, and it would even be a canonical introduction with a basis in the source material! 

Waititi should bring Thori, The Hel-Hound into ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

MCU fans are just starting to get used to gifted animals in the franchise. Captain Marvel’s cat is a fan-favorite, as Goose continues to pop up in online forums and discussions concerning Brie Larson’s’ superhero. So, why not a special dog? 

In the comics, dog Thori debuted in 2012’s Journey Into Mystery #632 as a pet entrusted to Loki, as ScreenRant notes. Thori is an over-sized pitbull with a vicious appearance, yet he does not bark…he talks. Yet, speaking isn’t the dog’s only super-canine ability, for he has also masted pyrokinesis and interstellar flight. And, don’t forget, he can run at hyperspeed. In short, Thori is a wonder dog capable of taking down some baddies without any assistance. 

How it could work, and why it’s exactly what Waititi needs in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

While the MCU can tinker with the source material to some extent, to allow for smooth incorporation into the landscape, the characters meet behind bars in the comics. Thor is captured by The Collector, and the pitbull is trapped in the cell beside him. The dog requests that Thor stick his fingers through the bars so he can eat them; the God of Thunder obviously refuses. The two come to bond over the fact that Loki betrayed both of them and, the rest is history. Yet, Thor likely has to keep his guard up, for what if Thori has a change of heart one day and yearns to make Thor a meal? 


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The above plotline has unlimited humor potential. How can you get more bombastic than a dog who boasts pyrokinetic abilities, talks, and wants to eat the God of Thunder’s fingers for a midnight snack? 

If Waititi yearns to make the MCU’s fourth solo installment starring the God of Thunder as crazy as it can be, it’s time that another gifted animal — an unpredictable, man-eating, and flying canine at that — make its debut.