‘Winter House’: Austen Threatens to Throw a ‘Loose Grenade’ on Carl and Lindsay’s Relationship, Reveals Hookup

In a shocking reveal, Austen Kroll shared with the Winter House cast that he and Lindsay Hubbard hooked up only days before Hubbard and Carl Radke from Summer House officially started dating again.

Kroll recalled that the night of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding, he woke up with Hubbard and she “had her hand on my d***,” he told Batula, Paige DeSorbo, and Ciara Miller. Hubbard, who appeared as a full-time cast member on Winter House Season 1 returned as a guest along with Radke. Now Kroll is nervous because not only was he holding the secret that they hooked up, Hubbard told him to keep the secret to himself.

Austen Kroll said his relationship with Lindsay was ‘fractured’ before ‘Winter House’

Kroll described his relationship with Hubbard as being “fractured.” They planned to hook up last year at the Winter House but Kroll started a relationship with Ciara Miller. Building into the awkwardness, they still flirted at the Summer House, causing confusion with Miller and then creating conflict between Miller and Hubbard.

Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke from 'Summer House' prom picture join the 'Winter House' cast for a few nights
Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke | Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Now Hubbard and Radke are in love, but Kroll said their complicated past and wedding night hookup could cause problems. Plus, “We haven’t spoken much,” he explained in a confessional. “There was a situation at Kyle and Amanda’s wedding. So I’m definitely nervous and anxious. And I’ve never been nervous or anxious around Lindsay ever.”

Amanda was shocked about the hookup between Lindsay and Austen

But Kroll had very good reason to be nervous and anxious. When he spilled to the other Winter House cast about the hookup, they said any kind of reveal will be a disaster. “I was leaving Amanda and Kyle’s wedding and Linsday was like I’m gonna come with you,” he recounted to the three cast members. “So she was in my room and I was like let’s watch a movie. And I fell asleep. And all of a sudden I woke up with her hand on my d***.”

“I was shocked when I heard that Lindsay and Carl were telling people at my wedding they were gonna give their relationship a chance,” Batula said in a confessional. “I am now more shocked that same night Lindsay tried to touch Austen’s penis.”

Kroll said he rebuffed Hubbard’s advances. Adding, “Last year in Vermont she did the same move. When her and Jason [Cameron] got together in Vermont, I said did she do the whole crawl into bed with you and grab your –? And he said that’s exactly what she did. Checks out.”

The hookup reveal could ‘burn down the house’

Kroll said they fell asleep. “We woke up the next day and she just got up and walked out,” he said. Later, “She said please never tell anyone about this. I never told anybody because it was a little crazy.”

Miller could see a massive explosion on the horizon. “Now you’re just throwing out a loose grenade,” she said in a confessional. “OK, someone’s gonna burn this f***ing house down by the end of this trip.”


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Kroll said Radke has been nothing but kind to him. “And I just feel bad for him.”

Despite feeling extremely uncomfortable upon Radke and Hubbard’s arrival, Kroll and the Winter House cast keeps the secret to themselves … but how long can that last?

Stay tuned. Winter House is on Thursday night at 9 pm ET on Bravo.