‘Winter House’ Cast Will Not Have a Reunion – But Storylines Continue into ‘Summer House’, Andy Cohen Confirms

Bravo’s Winter House cast won’t get a reunion, but Andy Cohen confirmed that ongoing storylines will continue on Summer House (and likely Southern Charm).

“What people need to know is, and we’re not doing a Winter House reunion,” Andy Cohen shared on the Watch What Happens Live After Show. “Many … I mean you guys went into the Summer House … so the story continues.” Which stories will likely show up on Summer House and Southern Charm?

No ‘Winter House’ cast reunion, so which ‘Summer House’ stories will continue this season?

The Winter House penultimate episode just dropped and the finale is next week. Quite a few storylines don’t seem close to being answered. One big question is are Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller still friends? A viewer pointed out that Miller was especially shady toward Hubbard and wondered if they are friends. “There’s a lot that we will find out later on,” Amanda Batula revealed during the WWHL After Show. “There’s more to the story.”

The Winter House cast will not have a reunion but storylines will continue on Summer House and Southern Charm
The Winter House cast will not have a reunion but storylines will continue on Summer House and Southern Charm | Zack DeZon/Bravo

Batula also believes that Hubbard’s feelings toward Austen Kroll go a lot deeper than she’s letting on. Hubbard moved on pretty fast with Jason Cameron, but – once again – Batula says there is more to the story. “I feel like the faster you move on … guys I don’t know,” she said. “Lindsay never opened up too much about her situation with Austen, but there’s a deep friendship there. And I think Jason was … I thought Jason was the catch of the house.”

A few ‘Southern Charm’ and ‘Summer House’ storylines will collide

Craig Conover and Austen Kroll teased about hanging out with the Summer House cast in the Hamptons this summer. So Kroll’s storyline with Miller and Hubbard will likely reappear on the Summer House season, but also on Southern Charm. Southern Charm is currently filming, so could the WWHL debacle between Hubbard and Kroll be featured? Hubbard said she did not want to be in the audience during Kroll’s appearance. He said she was trying to make that day about her.

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Also, the blossoming romance between Conover and Paige DeSorbo is another aspect of Winter House that will likely be featured on both Summer House and Southern Charm. DeSorbo was interested in Andrea Denver in the Winter House. And Conover had a girlfriend at the time. Rumors swirled that the couple started dating over the summer. Plus, DeSorbo spent Halloween with Conover in Charleston. Patricia Altschul recently shared a photo with DeSorbo on Instagram. “What’s all this talk about a crossover????” Altschul wrote. DeSorbo replied, “Thank you for having me [heart emoji] such a fun day.” 

Will viewers see the ‘Winter House’ wedding?

Another big crossover event was Batula and Kyle Cooke’s wedding. Conover and Kroll talked about the fun they had at the wedding on their Pillows and Beer podcast. “We were all on the ground,” Conover said. “My tux is pretty ruined. I was doing summersaults at one point. It was fun.”

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Kroll recalled that Conover was “lit” at the wedding. Conover also said the band at the wedding really got the party started. “It was beautiful,” he said. “But it was a one-day affair so everyone was meeting the night before the wedding. But the dancing was great. Cause it was like a 12 person band.” 

The mashup moment would also feature Carl Radke, who opted out of being on Winter House. Hubbard and Radke dated briefly but are close friends. The wedding, which was held in Sept. may not be included on Summer House if filming wrapped.

The Winter House season finale is on Wed. Nov. 24 at 9/8c on Bravo.