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Kyle Cooke from Winter House and Summer House defended his wife Amanda Batula when she said that Lindsay Hubbard was rude to fans. Of course, he couldn’t deny she said it on Watch What Happens Live, but he threw it back to host Andy Cohen for suggesting Hubbard in the first place.

During a Winter House game on WWHL, Cohen suggested Hubbard was the rudest when co-guest Paige DeSorbo and Batula wouldn’t answer. DeSorbo still didn’t want to comment. But Batula quickly replied, “Yes, yes.”

Kyle Cooke from Winter House/Summer House said Andy started the drama between Amanda and Lindsay

Cooke and co-WWHL guest Luke Gulbranson cringed when Cohen asked a fan question about Batula’s comment. “Is this déjà vu?” Cooke asked Cohen. “Listen, I’m actually gonna turn it around on you. You were the one who brought up Lindsay’s name last week!”

Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard from 'Summer House' apply lipstick at BravoCon
Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard |Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

Cohen turned to Batula, who was in the audience, and wondered if he did. “Oh, you said, ‘I don’t wanna say, I’ll get in trouble.’ So I guessed.”

“But then you said, ‘Was it at BravoCon?'” Cooke continued questioning Cohen. Cohen replied that he did, “When we were talking about BravoCon.”

However, Batula didn’t exactly shade Hubbard. “From my experience,” she said about Hubbard when Cohen wondered if she was the rudest. DeSorbo said Batula will get an uncomfortable text later from Hubbard. Batula agreed but added, “She was wonderful at BravoCon. It’s been more when caught off-guard.”

Andy ‘pleads the fifth’ to Kyle’s question if Lindsay was rude to someone from his staff

Batula nodded along from the audience as Cohen spoke. Cooke said, “Trying to get to the bottom of this rumor mill.”

Cohen tried to defend himself. “It was clear when she said I’m scared to say. I was like who would she be scared to say? Who is the most activated in the crowd?”

But then Cooke added another layer to the dispute. “Did any of your staff have a little … interesting confrontation with Lindsay?”

Cohen replied, “I plead the fifth.”

Lindsay from ‘Summer House’ hit back at Amanda’s comment she was rude

Hubbard responded to Batula’s comment on WWHL via her Instagram story. “I don’t work for Loverboy yet showed up to support my friends over 30 times in 2021 out of love for Carl [Radke] and out of support for my friends.. why would I do that if I didn’t like fans? Or if I was rude?” she shared (via Page Six).


‘Summer House’: Lindsay Hubbard Says, ‘There Was Blood’ During the Huge Season 5 Fight

“Why would i VOLUNTEER to be at more events than i need to? Think about that one,” she wrote. Hubbard added a few promotional photos alongside Batula. “I’m so f***ing tired of people dragging my name through the mud when I’m nothing but nice to them, show them kindness, respect, and support. Clean up your side of the street because mine is doing just fine,” she concluded her response.

Meanwhile, as the Summer House / Winter House crew made their WWHL appearance, Hubbard was home celebrating National Sandwich Day.