‘Winter House’: Lindsay Hubbard Says Amanda’s ‘Rude’ Comment Was a ‘Slap in the Face’ – Teases ‘Summer House’ Season 7 Carl and Kyle Drama

Lindsay Hubbard from Bravo’s Summer House and Winter House said Amanda Batula calling her “rude to fans” on Watch What Happens Live was unnecessary and it felt like a “direct slap in the face.”

Batula and Paige DeSorbo appeared on WWHL which is when they were put in the hot seat during a game. Host Andy Cohen asked who was rudest to fans. Batula and DeSorbo didn’t want to answer so Cohen wondered if it was Hubbard. That’s when Batula agreed.

Lindsay Hubbard thinks the comment was ‘f***ing unnecessary’

Hubbard said the entire thing was unnecessary drama coming from the Winter House star. “I think the whole thing was f***ing unnecessary. I don’t think it even should have happened,” Hubbard said on Katie Maloney’s You’re Gonna Love Me podcast. Maloney observed how Cohen loves to stir the pot on the show.

Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard from Bravo's 'Winter House' and 'Summer House' sit next to each other at BravoCon
Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard | Rob Kim/Bravo

“As far as the Watch What Happens Live thing, I don’t know where it came from. I think it was unnecessary,” she said. “My face wasn’t on the screen. But listen, these games always happen. They’re on every single episode for the most part. You know, Andy loves to kind of stir the pot like that’s his job. Like he’s the host and his job is to get ratings and stir the pot. So I think that’s why he does ask questions like that.”

Amanda’s remark felt like a ‘slap in the face,’ Lindsay says

Hubbard was especially frustrated because she’s been so supportive of Batula, her husband Kyle Cooke, and her fiancé Carl Radke’s company, Loverboy.

” I think Amanda answering the way that she did, it definitely felt like a direct slap in the face,” Hubbard said. “It felt very unnecessary and it felt like an attack of my character. Like there’s a lot of things that I am that I take full responsibility for. But when I go above and beyond to engage with fans, to answer as many people on Instagram. To show up to your company’s events over 30 times in the past year using my name and let’s say celebrity – I have air quotes right now. To promote your company to support you and your husband. Obviously, I’m there because I first and foremost want to support my boyfriend.”

She added, “If I didn’t go with Carl, I never would have seen him this fall or winter. That’s why I’m there. “

Lindsay Hubbard teases ‘Summer House’ Season 7 drama

Hubbard also spilled some Summer House Season 7 tea and it appears the work situation between Cooke and Radke gets tense. “So I will say, in regards to Kyle and Carl and Loverboy, it does get awkward and a really big majority of our summer was them trying to work through some stuff. Within the work situation.”


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“That comes up a lot,” she added. Radke and Hubbard also got engaged last summer, which will also likely play out next season. But she said the work drama will be constant. “It came up a lot this summer,” she said. “Obviously, our show doesn’t air until early next year. I don’t know if things necessarily got resolved.”