‘Winter House’: Paige DeSorbo in Tears – Amanda Says Paige Finally Understands Her Relationship With Kyle

The tables seem to have turned when Amanda Batula from Summer House found herself comforting Paige DeSorbo about her relationship with Craig Conover in the Winter House.

Leading up to her wedding to Kyle Cooke, DeSorbo was often a sounding board for Batula but also felt as though Batula could be making a mistake getting married. Cooke and Batula married and now DeSorbo is the one wondering if she’s in the right relationship. And Baluta said DeSorbo finally understands her.

Paige DeSorbo hit her limit with Craig Conover on ‘Winter House’

After Conover attacked Luke Gulbranson, refused to clean the Winter House, and then shut down outdoor sports because he banged his knee, DeSorbo had enough. Conover is done after he hits his knee, and DeSorbo said, “I went face first into a table. Got up, won the game, kept it moving,” she said in a confessional. “Craig hit his poor little knee on a rock? Game’s over.”

Craig Conover, Paige DeSorbo sit next to each other holding cups at Winter House
Craig Conover, Paige DeSorbo | Jude Domski/Bravo

The turning point may have been when Conover didn’t bring the special snowboard DeSorbo got him for Christmas to the Vermont vacation and used another one. “I’ll never buy this man a gift again,” she said in a confessional.

DeSorbo ended up breaking down on the slopes after Batula asked her how she was because she seemed to be very quiet.

Craig’s confrontations gave Paige anxiety

DeSorbo said that Conover’s confrontational manner made her feel uncomfortable. “I would say I’m the type of person where if there is a confrontation, I get anxious then, like, I can just bounce back from that, like, immediately,” DeSorbo told Batula while they were alone on the ski slopes. “And like, Craig is so ‘Well, this is how I feel. I’m like, I’m standing up for myself.’ And I’m like, OK but other people have feelings too.”

Batula understood that DeSorbo was in a weird predicament. “I’m like, so sensitive. And I feel like if I say anything, he’s like, ‘You just like going against me,'” DeSorbo shared. Batula wondered if they are fighting. But DeSorbo said she just wants Conover to “take a breath and chill” but she also wants to go home.

“You are just literally repeating everything about Kyle,” Batula pointed out. DeSorbo then broke down in tears.

Paige finally understands how Amanda felt in the ‘Summer House’

In a confessional, Batula said she finally felt understood when it came to everything she went through with Cooke. “I don’t think Paige ever thought that she’d be understanding some of the things like I’ve gone through with Kyle,” she said.


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Producers flashed back to Summer House talks DeSorbo had with Batula where she expressed worry and concern that Batula was going down the wrong path with Cooke.

“It kind of eats at you, and you just get sad about it and you start questioning things and spiraling,” Batula said.

Will DeSorbo have a heart-to-heart talk with Conover about his outbursts and demands at the Winter House? Stay tuned. Winter House is on Thursday at 9 PM ET on Bravo.