‘Without Remorse’: Michael B. Jordan vs. Lauren London: Who Has the Higher Net Worth?

Without Remorse is now available on Amazon Prime. From the same Tom Clancy Universe that has given us John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan, Without Remorse is the origin story of one of Clancy’s most beloved characters. Michael B. Jordan stars as John Clark, an Elite Navy SEAL whose final mission abroad before returning home goes left.

The fallout from the mission is horrific. Upon returning home to D.C., John and his wife, Pam (Lauren London), began preparing for the arrival of their first child. However, when the after-effects from the mission arrive at their front door, Pam and the couple’s unborn daughter pay the ultimate price.

This devastating loss sets John off on a course to enact vengeance on anyone that has anything to do with the death of his wife and daughter. The movie also marks London’s return to acting following the death of her long-time partner, Nipsey Hussle. But which movie star has the higher net worth Jordan or London?

Michael B. Jordan and Lauren London hugging as John and Pam Clark in 'Without Remorse'
Michael B. Jordan and Lauren London as John and Pam Clark in ‘Without Remorse’ | Amazon Studios

Michael B. Jordan convinced Lauren London to return to work and star in ‘Without Remorse’

London had been dating Hussle for six years when he was murdered in 2019. The couple also shared a son. Jordan was unsure if the actor would want to ever return to work, but when Without Remorse was set to begin filming in Berlin in late 2019, he felt compelled to at least reach out.

“Michael reached out to me as a friend and he was so unsure if I was even going to ever work again,” London told Entertainment Tonight“And he was like, ‘Look, I’m unsure if this is what you want to do, but I have to follow my intuition, I have to ask you if can you just read the script.’”  

The ATL alum explained that she accepted the role because it was so personal to her own experience with loss. She explained that filming with Jordan also meant she felt comfortable and protected. She added,

I saw throughout the film she comes to him and… her love for him is still guiding him and I felt so connected to that just in my own personal experience that I felt like I could contribute here. Moving forward in my life, I kind of don’t want to do anything that I can’t really truthfully contribute and I felt like I could truthfully contribute to this project.

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Michael B. Jordan’s net worth is $25 million

The Black Panther star first burst onto the scene in 2001 when he starred in the Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane film, Hardball. From there, the 34-year-old actor went on to star in The Wire and later All My Children. However, the People‘s Sexiest Man Alive actor’s major breakout movie role came in 2013 when he starred in Ryan Coogler’s debut feature debut, Fruitvale Station, based on the life and death of Oscar Grant.

Jordan revealed that he was excited to star in Without Remorse and take on a character he had grown up with. “I saw this property as an opportunity to give a fresh take to John Kelly, and make this movie a little bit more modern and represent a little bit more of the world we live in today,” he told Yahoo Entertainment.” To be able to tell this story is something I’m extremely excited about and I hope the Tom Clancy fans and John Kelly fans out there can see the movie and really enjoy it.”

Lauren London’s net worth is $8 million

London burst on the scene in the music video for Pharrell Williams’ iconic hit “Frontin” when she was just 18. From there, she began making a name for herself in films like ATL, This Christmas, and Madea’s Big Happy Family.

The Game alum was also set to star in John Singleton’s hit series Snowfall. However, she and Hussle discovered they were pregnant with their first child together and she chose to pull out of the project. In the years before the rapper’s death, the actor had stepped away from the spotlight.

She’s been focused on healing and raising her two sons, Kameron Carter that London shares with her former fiance, Lil Wayne, and 4-year-old,  Kross Asghedom whom she shared with Hussle.

Now with Without Remorse, it appears the LA-born actor is ready to return to work. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 36-year-old is worth, $8 million.