Wolverine May Need a Little Extra Help in MCU Combat: Here’s the Plan

While under Fox, Wolverine was one of the most invincible mutants; with self-healing powers and rip-you-to-shreds adamantium claws, he was a force be reckoned with. And, his offensive tendencies were frequently put to the test — against the Brotherhood of Mutants, as well as sentinels, and humans in positions of power. Yet, rumor has it that when the Fox/Disney merger finally brings the character to the silver screen (as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), he may need a little extra help. 

Wolverine Marvel MCU
Wolverine | Marvel/Disney XD via Getty Images WOLVERINE

In short, the X-Men have faced their fair share of formidable foes, but they didn’t have a Thanos. They didn’t have a Hela, capable of crushing Thor’s hammer, and they didn’t have an Ultron. Thus, Wolverine may need a little bit of a technological advancement on his side. And, according to Marvel insider Roger Wardell, he’s set to receive just that when he makes his MCU debut. 


Shuri will reportedly create a nanotech suit for Wolverine in the MCU 

Roger Wardell recently posted to Twitter, sharing intel he acquired about Wolverine in the MCU. He stated: 

MCU is way more dangerous place for Wolverine than you might think. Logan receives his combat nanosuit thanks to Shuri and Antarctic Vibranium.

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Because Wolverine could come up against a range of foes capable of giving him a run for his money, he’s going to need more than self-healing on his side. And, if Galactus (the devourer of worlds), Doctor Doom, and/or Gorr the Godbutcher make their way into the landscape (alongside an array of other alien threats), a set of claws won’t be enough to do heavy damage. 

So, what will the suit include, and what will it be capable of? How will it help Wolverine in battle? While such information remains unconfirmed, ArtStation, a while back, released a nanotech visual for Wolverine and accompanied it with descriptions. So, let’s look toward the leading showcase platform for games, media, and entertainment artists for insight. 

Predictions for Wolverine’s nanosuit in the MCU

ArtStation created a Nanosuit for Wolverine that included multiple advanced features, all of which Shuri would likely be able to ensure based on the suit she created for T’Challa in Black Panther. 

The site’s draft for Wolverine’s suit included rapid self-healing (even at extremely high damage),  as well as the ability to absorb and store power from attacks. The absorbed power could then be released during battle. 


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The suit also included more advanced claws and a shield to protect Wolverine from Magneto’s metal-bending abilities. Yet, according to ArtStation, using the specialty shield would draw on Wolverine so much so that the effectiveness and speed of his self-healing abilities would decrease while the shield was activated. This design flaw would increase the stakes in classic Marvel fashion. 

Seeing this suit come to life does not seem out of the question, as long as Wolverine and Black Panther cross paths. And, considering Storm has been rumored for an appearance in the upcoming Black Panther installment, T’Challa and Shuri’s connection to the X-Men already seems to be in motion.