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After several episodes of The Circle Season 2, the show announced its winner in the finale episode on Netflix. Five players rated each other for a chance to win $100,000, and one contestant ended up on top. The players also got to meet each other face-to-face, after only seeing each other’s profiles. The revelations were shocking to them. Here’s what happened on The Circle finale this season and who won the prize money.

[Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about the finale episode of The Circle Season 2.]

'The Circle' Season 2 finalists River, Courtney, and Chloe
THE CIRCLE (L to R) Lee Swift, Courtney Linsen and Chloe Veitch in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021

‘The Circle’ included many twists and turns throughout this season

The Circle threw many curveballs toward the contestants in this season. Right off the bat, the show let the first two influencers save someone publicly from elimination. This served as the catalyst for the season-long drama between Savannah Palacio and Terilisha. They handled their decisions as top influencers very differently with the group.

Later on in the season, Courtney Revolution became the first Joker in the game. As Joker, he received access to the Inner Circle. While there, Courtney used his secret powers to pretend he was Emily (catfished by Jack Atkins). His mission was to get her, Chloe Veitch, or Terilisha eliminated next.

Beyond the Joker’s powers, Jack and Lisa Delcampo (who catfished as Lance Bass) teamed up to catfish again as John. They joined forces after their own players got blocked from the game. They worked together to create John’s persona. John became a 60-something affable gay psychic with children and grandchildren. His desire to win was fueled by wanting to take a vacation with his family.

But was that enough? Five contestants remained at the finale, vying for the $100,000 prize money.

There were five finalists remaining at the end of ‘The Circle’

Chloe Veitch, River (catfished by Lee Swift), Courtney, Trevor (catfished by Deleesa St Agathe), and John were the last contestants. All of them gave compelling reasons in the prior episode as to why they should win the money. The finale episode showed each person giving their final ratings.

Some people went for a more tactical approach, like Courtney and John. Chloe, Trevor, and River followed their hearts, though. They ranked their top player as someone they’d be happy to see win the money.

The finale episode then showed the contestants meeting in real life, to hilarious reactions. Chloe and Deleesa met after having a “showmance” in The Circle. Even though Deleesa was catfishing as her husband, they seemed to hit it off when being themselves.

Players were shocked to find out that John was played by Lisa and Jack, who they had voted out earlier in the game. As for Lee, some people expected River to be real while others had figured him out during the game.

In the end, there was only one winner. And this was who won.

Trevor, AKA Deleesa St Agathe, won $100,000 on ‘The Circle’ Season 2

Deleesa St Agathe finding out she won 'The Circle' Season 2 after catfishing as Trevor
Deleesa St Agathe in season 2 of ‘The Circle’ | Netflix

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In the finale episode, Deleesa got the top spot in The Circle ratings, making her the winner of season 2. Chloe got second place, Courtney third, River fourth, and John got fifth.

The other players seemed happy for Deleesa — especially Chloe, who immediately cheered for her top pick in the game. The contestants all mingled with each other afterward. Deleesa called the real Trevor, her husband, on a video chat call and broke the news to him that she won. She introduced him to the other players and cried over what this money would mean for her family.

She expressed that this prize would mean that she, her husband, and their daughter could get a home of their own. Deleesa explained that they hadn’t been able to save money for a house, and this meant that they could finally take that step in their lives.

You can watch The Circle Season 2 finale on Netflix.