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How ‘X-Men’ Made Santa Claus the Most Powerful Mutant in Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, Santa Claus was registered by Charles Xavier’s Cerebro as ‘the most powerful Mutant,’ leading to a clash between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which Saint Nick diffused by using some of his powers -- and Santa even wielded the Infinity Gauntlet at one point.

In Marvel Comics, Santa Claus not only exists, but according to the X-Men, he is the “most powerful mutant ever registered” by Cerebro at the time. Forget the brutal Wolverine, forget Scarlet Witch, her reality warping powers, and even the fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool. Saint Nick proves that he could outclass heroes from the X-Men and villains from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in just a few pages.

Brooks Brothers hosted St. Nick, who, in Marvel Comics, Santa Claus stands as one of the most powerful Mutants
Santa Claus | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers

Cerebro registered Santa as the ‘most powerful mutant’ in Marvel Comics

While Professor X left the X-Men to celebrate Christmas in his own way, Cerebro stayed active. With Magneto and his villainous group trying to recruit more Mutants to their cause, the X-Men needed to know what Cerebro detected a new Mutant.

While Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, and Wolverine decorated the tree on Christmas Eve, Cerebro alerted them to a Mutant of incredible power. The X-Men donned disguises and rushed to find them.

Meanwhile, Mastermind, the Toad, Unus, and the Blob had their own plans to recruit this mystery mutant. The heroes and villains clashed, but the brawl abruptly ended when the Brotherhood had seemingly turned into toys.

They asked a mall Santa if they saw where the foes went. However, it quickly became apparent that Cerebro detected Santa Claus as the most powerful Mutant in Marvel Comics at the time.

What powers does Santa have in Marvel Comics as the ‘most powerful mutant’ registered by Cerebro?

In the main Marvel Comics universe, Earth-616, Santa Claus displayed several powers over the years.

In the 1991 Marvel Holiday Special, he used his powers to turn the powerful Brotherhood of Evil Mutants into toys of themselves. Then, he teleported the X-Men to Rockerfella Center to meet Cyclops, the redheaded Jean Grey, and other Mutants for Christmas.

Santa could also alter memories and change the weather without the slightest bit of effort. He erased the X-Men’s memory of meeting him, and they went off none the wiser.

Oh, and his magic sack is a portal to a ‘storage dimension’ where he keeps the world’s presents.

Hilariously, his elven helpers have in-universe origins. Fans of Thor: The Dark World remembers the Dark Elves, but Asgard also rules over Light Elves in the comics. Some descendants of the Norse race went on to join Santa Claus in the north pole.

While the mainstream Stans Claus remains good in the Marvel Comics universe, one of the most powerful Mutant’s most famous appearances had him wield Thanos’ deadly gauntlet.

Kris Kringle once wielded the Infinity Gauntlet with all six Infinity Stones

On another Earth (hilariously noted in a Star Wars-style crawl in the Marvel comic’s opening pages), Santa contacted Iron Man for help. He discovered that his reindeer were all Skrull imposters, so he asked for the Infinity Gauntlet to save Christmas.

However, he went mad with power and challenged some of the strongest heroes in Marvel.


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Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Namor, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, and Charles Xavier had to battle Santa in the north pole. Professor X saw firsthand whyCerebro registered Santa Claus as the most powerful Mutant in Marvel Comics.

However, despite the powerhouses involved, Namor defeats Santa by using his “Atlantean might to throw this snowball.” Saint Nick apologizes, and Iron Man lent him Stark Tech robot-reindeer.

Even by Marvel Comics standards, Santa Claus holds a wild status compared to some of the most powerful heroes and villains.