‘Yara Shahidi’s Day Off’ – Amanda Seales Helps Yara Shahidi Face a Big Fear – on Facebook Watch [Exclusive Clip]

With the help of comedian and actress Amanda Seales from HBO‘s Insecure and The Real, Yara Shahidi faces her fear of horses, while she and Seales talk about animal advocacy, Black futurism, and purpose-driven living on Facebook Watch’s Yara Shahidi’s Day Off.

In the seventh episode, debuting Wednesday (11/23) at 9amPT/12pmET, Shahidi and Seales head to the stables where they get suited up and are ready to ride.

Yara Shahidi suites up and is ready to ride

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Seales and Shahidi emerge from the dressing room in full horseback riding gear. Despite her fear of getting on a horse, Shahidi says, “If this is the look then I can really get into it,” she tells Seales.

Poster for Yara Shahidi's Day Off
Yara Shahidi’s Day Off | Facebook Watch

Seales agrees. “I really feel like you’re doing a lot with this look,” she says. “Spin around for me real quick.” Shahidi gives Seales a twirl.

“I see the pant, I’m giving you a helmet look,” Seales says checking all the boxes. They agree that they look “official” and do a little horsey dance in front of the mirror.

Amanda Seales is all about the animals

But now … time to face the horses. Shahidi and Seales head over to the stables. “This is exciting,” Shahidi says to Seales. So does Shahidi saddle up?

“Saddle up as I take a ride with actress Amanda Seales!” Shahidi shared in the episode description. “I overcome my fears of horses, and Amanda opens up about animal advocacy, Black futurism, and purpose-driven living.”

Seales probably loved being with these majestic animals. She’s a big animal lover and has a dog and cat, plus she even rescued a baby bird last month. She posted a video on Instagram carrying a baby bird outside after it flew into her house. Fans couldn’t help but note she was a legit Disney princess. She tells the bird, “You’re OK, are you ready to fly away?” But the bird seemed pretty happy perched on Seales’ hand.

Amanda Seales leans into the ‘decisive goal of edutainment’

An afternoon meeting and overcoming her fears was probably terrifying, fun, and funny for Shahidi. Seales has a knack for educating her friends and audience through dialog and humor.

“I think what I bring differently this time around is just a very clear, decisive goal of edutainment,” she told Ebony in April. “And I always want to be in a space where I’m making people laugh while they learn about something. And if it’s not learning, it’s at least encouraging folks to ask more questions or to think with broadened perspectives.”

“We are in a time where I feel like ignorance is being touted as something that we should be aspiring to, which is an oxymoron, and I feel like at this point in my career, I’ve done a consistent job of letting folks know that my effort, even if some don’t agree, is always to try to come at things from an intellectual place and encourage all of us to do so,” she added.

The Amanda Seales episode of Yara Shahidi’s Day Off is on Wednesday (11/23) at 9amPT/12 pm ET on Facebook Watch.

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