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Yellowstone first introduced the world to the Dutton family back in 2018, and since then viewers have only become more invested in their story. Creator Taylor Sheridan has continued to expand the Dutton’s world with a prequel series titled 1883. Yellowstone has been renewed for season 5 and some fans are wondering if this will be it’s last. Although fans don’t know how the Dutton’s story ends, Sheridan has had it all planned out since day one.

Yellowstone season 5 stars Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kevin Costner
Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kevin Costner | Paramount

‘1883’ explains how the Duttons settled in Montana

At its core, Yellowstone follows the story of the Dutton family, who own the enormous Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Montana. The show’s patriarch, John Dutton, fights tooth and nail to defend his land from developers and Chief Rainwater from the nearby Broken Rock Indian Reservation. The story explores John’s complex family dynamics with his children, Lee, Beth, Jamie, and Kayce.

Sheridan is leaving no stone unturned in fleshing out the story of the Dutton family. Flashbacks in Yellowstone explain Beth’s complicated relationship with her now-deceased mother. Additionally, Sheridan’s spinoff series 1883 explored how the 19th-century Duttons settled in Montana. The Yellowstone prequel also gave context as to why they have defended the land so fiercely for generations.

While talking with Variety, James Dutton actor Tim McGraw said of the 1883 finale: “It was just so well-written, so devastating and heartbreaking, but at the same time, so on point and poignant for what turned out to be. It just gives you all the reasons in the world why they fight so hard for that land and why their family fights so hard for to keep what they have. It just made perfect sense.”

‘Yellowstone’ EP says Taylor Sheridan has known how the Dutton’s story ends since the beginning

Yellowstone has been officially renewed for season 5. The fifth season will be split into two installments of seven episodes each. According to The Wall Street Journal, the first part of season 5 is anticipated to air in the summer of 2022, followed by part 2 in the fall. It’s not yet clear if this will be the last season of Yellowstone.

According to David Glasser, the executive producer for both 1883 and Yellowstone, Sheridan has known how the Dutton family’s story will end since the beginning. “He knows every character and backstory,” Glasser said of Sheridan to Business Insider. “He told me the Yellowstone ending the day we started. When that happens, I don’t know. But he knows where every character ends up.”


‘1883’ Episode 8: 3 Hidden Easter Eggs ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Will Love

In the wake of the 1883 finale, some fans see a dark future for the Dutton family. A Crow elder named Spotted Eagle points James in the direction of Paradise Valley. However, he warns James, “In seven generations my people will rise up and take it back from you.” Although there is some confusion about the Dutton family tree, the seventh generation isn’t far off.

‘Yellowstone’ will continue with ‘1932’ and additional episodes of ‘1883’

As Sheridan continues the story of the modern-day Duttons marching toward whatever end he has planned, he also plans to keep fleshing out the history of the family. According to the Wall Street Journal, additional episodes of 1883 are expected to appear on Paramount+ this fall. Another spinoff titled 1932 is also in the works.

Glasser described these prequels as an “anthology series,” according to Business Insider. “If you’re a fan of the Dutton family and the saga bringing you to the current day [portrayed in Yellowstone], what will come is that continued saga,” the EP said.